Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I love about Rain

Rain. Good for plants. Not good for hair. Guess my hair is going to be in a ponytail all week.
Today, and the rest of this week. You can't really tell, but it is pouring during this picture.
Today it was my turn to get the mail. Our mailbox is across the parking lot and on the otherside of another set of buildings. Normally I walk between the buildings to get it. Today it was flooded (which is normal in rain) so I had to walk around. When I came back, I needed the Coast Guard and Ashton Kutcher to save me. It was really wet. And  I was really wet  (my mom says I'm not sweet enough to melt--I disagree). Yuck!

I've discovered through the years that I only love rain when I am inside. I don't like being wet. (Showers being the necessary exceptions!) But I do love when it rains and I am inside, curled up in a cozy chair with a soft blanket next to the fireplace with a book in my lap and watching the storm. That makes me happy. I could do that for days. :)

Growing up, our living room had this big picture window that took up the whole wall and looked out over the front of the house/driveway/rock garden/horse barn. (Yes, my nana had a rock garden--it was called the rock garden because of all the cool rocks in it. It also has tons of rose bushes and other plants too. My nana totally rocks! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!)

Anyway, puns aside, it was awesome to sit in Grandpa's chair next to the fireplace and watch storms through the window. Trees would be bent half over in the wind and rain would be pelting the tin roof. I love the sound of rain on a metal roof. Awesome!

Though there have been times when I love playing in the rain. When we lived in Dallas, we weren't allowed to play in the rain because rain generally means tornados. When we moved back to CA, tornados weren't an issue anymore and so we loved playing in the cold rain--especially down in the fields--and even more especially when the fields were a little more than slightly flooded. It was magical. Seriously. 

And then we got cold, we would go up to the house and sit by the fireplace, hang up our wet socks (even though we had a dryer-we just thought it was waaaay cooler to hang them by the fireplace) and Nana would give us hot chocolate and fresh cookies or bread. There were always fresh cookies or bread. Seriously--she made both every week. BEST NANA AWARD!

Anyway, I'm not sure how this turned into a trip down memory lane. Weird. Sorry. Hope you'll forgive me.

So summary: I love rain, when I'm inside and dry and warm. :)

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