Saturday, March 5, 2011

**Holiday Tree: St. Patrick's Day Edition**

Not too long ago I found this wonderful Christmas Advent Tree here. So I came up with my own variation for a Year-Around Holiday Tree, which I think will be my big craft/decoration project this year.

This is how I built my tree:

I found this fabulous little ceramic pot at Ross for $3.00! And it was exactly the colors I wanted! The vase is pretty heavy so its fairly sturdy, but just for good measure, I hot glued some rocks from my backyard to the bottom of the pot.

I found the Manzanita branches here. I bought 3 of the sand-blasted ones--I wanted a light color so it will go with different ornaments all year long. (BTW-this site has tons of craft stuff on seriously discounted prices. For example, the branches were only $9/branch--other websites were charging almost $60, plus shipping, for 3 branches.)
Then I got a couple of styrofoam blocks from Joann's and stuck them in the pot. Then stuck the branches in the styrofoam blocks. Then a bit of moss on top to make it pretty. Ta Da!
Here is how I did my St. Patrick's Day ornaments.

I was really lucky (*snicker*) to find some party favors on clearance at Joann's so I just put ribbon on them (using a brad & hot glue) and hung them up. Super easy!
I also had green curling ribbon so I just made some long curls and draped them on the tree.

The crystals are from the same website I got the manzanita, but I've seen them lots of different places. I think I might keep those on all the time. I like 'em!

I also found some 1" clothespins that are adorable! I'm going to paint them to match the different holidays so things can by clipped to it too.

The final look:


  1. what a cute idea! this will be so fun for when you have kids - they will love it!

  2. Thanks Candie! That is what I thought. They'll love decorating it! Or I will make them love it anyway. :)

  3. I like the sparkly decorations!


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