Monday, March 21, 2011


I am so blessed. That is the best way to sum up how I feel. I've been kinda grumpy the last few days and then I came across a collection of pictures of the devastation of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. It really put things into perspective for me. So what if I don't always get my way, or if I don't get what I want. It doesn't matter. Hundreds of thousands of people of Japan have lost everything, including family and friends. What do I have? Everything. It is very humbling. I have a home to go to, a family to talk to, and friends to play with.

My heart breaks everytime something comes up in the news about how bad the situation in Japan is. I don't know anyone personally affected by the tragedy, but that doesn't mean I can't feel for them or help. Last week our ward was going to make hygene kits to send through the Church, but we received direction from Salt Lake that they are not sending kits, but they are sending money. The money will allow those in Southern Japan to make the kits and in turn help their economy too. Brilliant! Its like the leaders are inspired or something. :) Anyway, it's hard to know how to help, and really, there isn't much I can do for them, except pray for them and their friends and families.

I am so grateful that I live someplace that is safe and peaceful. Obviously, California isn't perfect, and it probably won't be for a long time, but at the moment, everything is okay. And for that I feel so blessed.

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