Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Bits of Fall

So I have a few fun pictures I've taken on my phone the past week or so that I feel like sum up the season of fall pretty well.

These are some of the trees in my backyard. The leaves have just started to turn and I think they are lovely. :)

More Fall pictures:
Love the pumpkin piggy bank. :)

And here is a little something in honor of halloween tomorrow:

Truly horrifying isn't it? :) This is a cupcake cake I found at a local grocery store bakery. I love the fingers and toes. :)

So happy Fall!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloweens of Yesteryear

So with Halloween approaching way too quickly, I thought I would spotlight some of my favorite parties and costumes I've had over the years.

Growing up, we didn't really "do" Halloween--my mom is not a fan of the evil, creepy part of Halloween, so we didn't really "celebrate" it. I've never been trick or treating. For years I didn't even know how to do it. I'd never even had people come to our door to get candy--we lived way too far off the beaten path. To make up for it, Mom usually would by us a couple of small bags of candy to share and Nana would make us some kind of treat and we'd hang out as a family. The fun part was that we did dress up and go to Ward Halloween parties because those were safe and fun.

Here is an awesome picture of Me, Steven, and Caitlin dressed up for Halloween when we were little, probably about 1989.

Weren't we just the cutest? I was a ghost, Steven was the "Joker" from Batman, and Caitlin was the most adorable 2 year old hobo in the world. :)

Then I went to college and re-discovered the glory of Halloween. Let's be clear though, I only like the fun, light-hearted side of it. I hate scary, creepy movies. The only "scary" movie I'll watch is Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn. It's soooo good. It's more of a thriller that has a couple of scary moments. I definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it. :) Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, college. My last year in college, Bishop Taylor was my Bishop--so awesome! He and is wife, especially his wife were WAY into Halloween. Sister Taylor converted their entire house and yard (which was large) into a haunted house. It was AMAZING! She inspired me. I wish I had pictures just to show how awesome it was. Every nook and cranny in the house and yard had lots of little Halloween surprises-Sister Taylor said that it took her over a month each year just to get it all set up. They had a life size cardboard cut of their son who was on a mission at the time that they even dressed up in a costume. Each week they had a couple of FHE groups go over for a Halloween party. It was so much fun!! And then just before Halloween, Bishop and Sister Taylor dropped by to visit the apartments--all dressed up. Sister Taylor was a witch with her real-life pet boa constrictor! Coolest Bishop's wife, ever. :)

So I dressed up a few times in college. I even won the costume contest in my door my Sophomore year with my roommates with my Sheep costume (white shirt with approximately 1000 cottonballs hot glued to it. My roommates, Lois and Nicole were Bo and Peep, and I was the sheep. :)

Here is another costume I did: I was an "Italian" chef who ended up having Canadian Accent by the end of the night for my roommate, Candice's "fancy" dinner that I played waiter to. It wasn't really for halloween, but this did happen in October. My friends, Naylan, Ashley, Candice and Clayton are in the picture too.

Then four years ago, for Erin's 16th Birthday (which is close to Halloween), I threw the coolest halloween party for her and her friends. It was a murder mystery party. I think this is when I began "converting" my mom on her view of halloween-she now tolerates it. :) In our house, we have a big area downstairs that is a storage area/TV room/piano room/sewing area/washing machine area and I thought it would be perfect to change into a "library" to set the scene for the party. I used long sheets of butcher paper and Erin and I painted bookcases on them. In the dark lighting, it looked pretty cool for it being cheap and DIY. Upstairs I converted the living room into a crime scene that had clues (and fake clues). It was fun because the kids got way into it. Here a few pictures:

Two years ago, I developed an "alter-ego" named Cleadus. He's a Southern Redneck and extremely flirty. And he has a neck beard, complete with a nasty mullet. And he's very proud of his teeth. He has a great dentist. ;) I had a somewhat different costume planned the day of our ward party, but as soon as I put my nasty fake teeth in, Cleadus came bursting out. I think I should probably be ashamed at how quickly and easily my southern accent came back to me with the nasty hick teeth in.

Here is a picture of my friends and I at the party. Camie as Tina Turner, Trulie as a Rodeo Queen, Summer as "Winter" (such a clever costume!), and Cleadus.

Apparently Cleadus was a hit and a bunch of people didn't even recognize me. And apparently I won the costume contest by a landslide. Which actually surprised me because there were some great costumes. I guess it helps when you stay in character the whole night. This is probably my favorite costume I've ever done. It certainly was the funniest.

Last year, I was a mad scientist. Complete with a hunchback lab assistant known as Igor, who went around calling me "Master" all night (Funny side story: Erin went as a hunchback named "Igora"--completely unbeknownst to Steven and I! She looked great!). Who doesn't love it when their brother calls them Master? My hair took over an hour to do. I made it wavy and then teased the heck out of it and then hairsprayed it with lots and lots schelack so it would stick out. Then Steven and I wore goggles and made "scorch" marks on our face so it looked like something blew up in our faces. It was intense. :) Steven and I won scariest costume, though I think it was just because Steven was so creepy. ;)  I have pictures somewhere, but I don't know where they went. I'll have to track them down. :)
And this year? I don't know yet. I've got plenty of time to come up with something, like 48 hours or something--but I'm a little nervous, I've got this reputation now for awesome costumes. I need to come up with something good. Maybe Cleadus will make a reappearance. I don't know. I don't really like spending a whole lot of money on costumes so we'll see what I can come up with. :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Christmas Idea

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but Christmas is just around the corner and so I have to start thinking about it. :)

So I have this idea for a Christmas Project. I have no idea when I'll be able to do it, but I really want to make it. :)

The last few years, I've been kinda in love with advent calendars. I think I might collect them. I've been looking for a large, beautiful one that I can have as an heirloom type one, but I haven't found IT yet.

I did find a cute little kit that I'm going to use for my Holiday tree:
So here is my idea. Someday when I have a family, I want to have a little activity book for the 25 days of Christmas. I've seen a couple of family have them and each day they have a little devotional during family scripture study. So I'm going to make a Christmas Scrapbook that has a song, scripture, story, and/or activity that can be done. There are so many cute Christmas scrapbooking thingys and I'm excited to make a special book just for this.  :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Officially Became a Real Californian!

Because living in California for 27 years (minus a few in Texas and Idaho) doesn't make you California, but experiancing an earthquake while living in California makes you a real Californian.

Last night, just after 11:30pm, there was a small earthquake. They say about 4.7 magnitude. Here is the map: 
Via Here The Red lines indicate named faults, the yellow are unnamed faults.

Here are the other details from the same website: Click here.

So yeah, That's that. Not a big deal at all. There wasn't even any damage anywhere. But now I can say that I felt an earthquake. I used to think that they weren't a big deal and I couldn't understand why people would freak out. Now I get it, at least a little.

I was half asleep when it started and it woke me up and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I didn't know if it was just my bed moving or what. Then it kept going. I realized that it must be an earthquake and I wondered if it was going to get worse. Thankfully it didn't. I'll be honest, I got a little nervous. It felt like rumbling waves.  I immediately got up and asked Christiana if she felt it, who was watching TV in the living room. She didn't and was so bummed that she didn't. :)

No one else in my office felt it either. At least I know I'm not going crazy. :)

As "exciting" as this was, I hope it doesn't happen again. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Thoughts

I have a lot of random thoughts running through my head today, such as:

1. I'm tired of having to find roommates. The last few years I've had to do this so many times! It's never fun. And a few times it turned out, umm, interesting--to say the least. Thankfully it has always worked out and I've always found a new one, usually just in the nick of time. But you know what? The whole process sucks. My roommate Christana and I found out last night that our other roommate Brittany is moving out. She gave plenty of notice and so its not really a big deal, as long as we can find someone else to move in. That is the really hard part. And I know it will work out as it should, but I don't like the wondering and waiting and the stress. Which brings me to my next point:

2. Don't smoke crack. Oh wait, no (well, yes, don't do it, but that is not what I was going to say, ha ha ha!). I meant: I just want to get married. I'm tired of all this "drama." Its not really drama per say, but it is annoying. I don't want to have to keep finding new roommates. I want one that I know isn't going anywhere. But don't worry, I'm not going to settle. But it would be nice to at least get the process moving forward, right? Right.

3. You know what is really nice though? When you're not feeling good and your friend keeps sending you really funny texts that keep making you laugh out loud at work. (Here's looking at you Bekah! :) )
4. What's also nice is when your boss says its cool to go home after lunch so you can get some desperately needed sleep (I only slept for about 2 hours last night and even that was sketchy--all due to not feeling so good).

5. What's also great is when I don't get enough sleep, I'm slightly delerious. This was proved when I had the following text conversation with Christana this morning while we chatted about what we were going to do about getting a new roommie:
  • M: So I was thinking about changing the rent amounts per room so we pay $350 each.
  • C: Okay. But our rent is already $350 i
  • M: It is? I don't remember. Lol. I think I've been paying $375. I don't know. :/ lol.
  • C: Yeah. haha. It's always been $350 :) and I'm pretty sure you've been paying $350 :)
  • M: Oh my gosh. I'm such a dork. :) I was going to check my stub when I got home. Can you tell I don't feel good today? lol.
  • C: hahaha yesh. jaha (that is a latin laugh, just in case you didn't know). Are you talking about your car payment?
  • M: No. lol. I don't know. Oh my gosh. I need sleep. lol.
  • C: Hahahaha!
6. So that is that. Good news is that last night I got a big step done on my Christmas presents for my family so now I can actually finish them all. I needed something nicely surged and fortunately I know someone who was generous enough to do it for me. Thanks Michelle!!

7. I finished a great book yesterday. (I know, another one!) It's called Obsession by Tracy Abramson. So good. I really like her books. And I like how the people in her books all know each other even though they are seperate series'. Awesome. Definitely recommend!

8. Last night I actually slept underneath my quilt. I haven't done that in six months. It's been too hot. But now it's getting cold at night! yay!! I even got so cold that I closed my window and wore a hoodie to bed. And now that I think about it, maybe I had a fever. Because I really don't think it was 40 degrees in my house. huh.

9. Okay. I think I done with random thoughts. I'm tired and since I'm home, I think I'll try to sleep before I go in to the scrap store for work tonight. :)

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    A Review: Rearview Mirror

    Yesterday I received a copy of Review Mirror from the author, Stephanie Black.
    Um, yeah, I already finished it. Actually I finished it this morning at about 1:00am. It was that good! 

    The story is about Fiona Claridge, a college professor in a small New England town. When Fiona was in college, she was driving her roommate to the airport in a storm, lost control of the car, and was in a serious car accident, killing her roommate, Mia, and seriously injuring Fiona.

    The story opens with a murder (isn't that how all good mysteries start?) with an unknown assailant. And then introduces Fiona and fellow professor, James Hampton. Fiona begins receiving terrible "gifts" from an unknown person reminding her of her horrifying past.

    Another murder happens later in the book that shocked me. There were 316 pages of twists and turns that left me reeling. I kept thinking that I knew who the bad guy was, but I kept being wrong--the sign of a good book! There was one part where a character showed up unexpectedly in a car and I actually freaked out and jumped in shock and fright. :) Awesome! And I couldn't put the book down until I knew that the person behind the terror was exposed and dealt with--thus staying up til 1:00am to finish it! Good thing I could sleep in this morning. :)
    I'm a big reader and I've read a lot of LDS fiction and I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. And I'll read it again--which is saying something. I definitely recommend the book if you are looking for a mystery-thriller-little romance book! 

    update on 10/27/2011: my sister, Cait, borrowed the book on Tuesday night and just finished it. She loved it too! :)

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    I Suppose I Asked For It

    Well it can't be said of me that I ever did anything the easy way.

    I've been working at my new job at Green Tangerines now for two weeks. And it's been great! Everyone there is super nice and it's a fun environment. It's nice because I've just been sitting in the office doing computer work and I don't have to run a register. I also got to make the kit club kits which was a fun project. I generally get home about 9:30pm. Which means I have about 2 hours to eat a snack and work on my current projects--including trying to finish christmas presents (there is still soooooo much to do!!! ack!!!), make Cait's baby scrapbook, plan Cait's baby shower, and do stuff for my two callings (which, fortunately, are very easy ones. :) ), and I'm on the Design Team for the store (I don't know what that entails yet, but I'll find out in a couple of weeks--I do know it means making pages and more projects each month). Is it terrible that I'm happy that I'm overwhelmed? I feel like I do my best work when I've got too much on my plate. I'm sure that is not a good thing, but it works for me, so I think I'll just keep rolling with it.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not complaining. But I am realizing that I over-stuff my life with things to do and projects with deadlines. Again, I don't think that that is a bad thing. I think my life is pretty balanced. When weekend trips come up or parties, or church activities, I do make a point to go, or at least try to. So I feel like my social life is pretty good. But to be honest, as I've gotten older (at least in the single's scene) I'm feeling a little burned out with activities. I rarely go to firesides or dances. They are usually in Sacramento and I have a hard time justifying going. Especially since I rarely actually meet new people. Maybe it's me, maybe it's Sacramento, but I feel like I don't really meet new people, and if I do, it's usually a one time thing and I never see them again. Again, I'm not complaining, but just expressing where I'm at in my life.

    Anyway, I have no idea what the point of this post is, but I am feeling tired. Good, very good actually, but tired. I think once I get into a groove with my new job, I'll be better.

    So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. And sorry for such a rambling post. It's just the delerious-ness making an appearance. :)

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    The Heartbreak that Keeps on Giving

    By way of update, my usb drive (with the last 8 months of my life on it) died last week, much to my heartbreak. I asked my super computer-saavy boss to see if he could recover anything from it.

    He couldn't.

    I went back to my desk in tears. Almost literally. Someone did a Mexican Hat Dance on my heart. And my boss felt really bad--so bad that, surprisingly, he didn't even lecture me on how I shouldn't have relied soley on the most unreliable form of data storage.

    The way he explained the problem was that everything is still there on the drive, but the roads to get to the files have disappeared, destroyed, eaten by a rabid, flesh-eating computer monster (you know, whatever does this kind of damage).

    Apparently there are programs that will "re-pave the roads" but they are pricey. The ones he found was $60-ish and up. More tears may or may not have been involved at that point.

    I thought I would take it to Best Buy to see if there was anything they could do--just as a second opinion. They told me that to even figure out what the problem was, it would cost me $250.

    Yeah, right. Like I'm going to pay that!

    I stared at the guy quite incredulously. He then said, and I quote, "Assuming that the tech guys can even do anything for the drive, it could cost $500-$1,000 and up to recover the files." Seriously?!?!

    I said no thank you and the guy nicely said, "Have a nice day!" Not likely, I mumbled as I walked out. Then I suddenly wished I had my own Nerd Herd.

    So I'm debating on what to do now. Do I just try to reconstruct what I'm missing (unlikely) or do I fork out the money and try to get it fix it myself. I'm sure not going to have Best Buy do it!

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Houston, We Have a Problem

    I do realize what I am about to share is pretty much my own fault, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still seriously devastated about it.

    About five months ago my computer died (pretty sure it was the hard drive). Which is very, very sad. But it's been so long now though that I've resigned to the fact that I have to get a new one. This isn't the worst part.

    Because laptops are so expensive and I can't afford one yet (thus part of the reason for the second job) for the past 5-ish months, I've been saving everything to a large USB drive--one that I bought in May, specifically for this purpose. It's basically new still.

    This is the worst part: the USB drive died yesterday. Now I've lost all my pictures, stuff for my sister's baby shower, prior projects, and the most heart wrenching is a huge project that I've spent the last 7 months working on. Something that I'm never going to be able to re-create. Pretty sure I cried about it.

    As much as I love technology, sometimes it sucks.

    I know it's basically my own fault for not saving a back-up somewhere, but I didn't really have any options because I don't have my own computer anymore.

    My last ditch effort is to see if my super computer smart boss can recover anything from the stupid USB drive tomorrow. Crossing my fingers that it works...

    Monday, October 10, 2011

    I'm Singing in the Rain

    Today was glorious!

    It rained all day. Non-stop. It was wonderful. It made me wish I was curled up on my couch at home, next to the fireplace with a good book and the windows cracked open so I could listen to the rain. That's my favorite thing to do when it's raining. Especially when I have a cold. Like today.

    But I stuck out today and even went to my first shift at the scrapbook store and spent 4 hours counting paper. I'm not sure what this means, but I liked it. :)

    So that was my day. Exausting, but good.

    Sunday, October 9, 2011

    An Amazingly Uplifting Weekend!

    This is my weekend recap. Just as a warning, it's going to be long. :)

    My friend Rochelle told Trulie and I about a conference (Silicon Valley LDS Education Conference) for mid-singles (ages 25-39) that was going to be in the Bay Area and so we decided to go. It was kind of expensive and so I was a little hesitant at first because sometimes I have a hard time at big things like this, but I decided to try to overcome that and so I signed up. 

    The three of us took off work early on Friday (yay!) and drove down to San Francisco where we stayed with Rochelle's twin sister, Jessica. This is part of the view from her balcony:

    Isn't it great?  And the weather was PERFECT this weekend!
    We quickly got ready and drove down to Palo Alto to the Computer History Museum. It was such a cool venue for the conference!

    Friday night was a mixer and "cocktail party." We wondered if the catering company had ever done a non-alcoholic party. :) It was fun and the museum opened up their exhibit hall for us so that we could look through it. While I was, I found this:

    Awesome right? I mean, who WOULDN'T want a Slide Rule Tie Pin?!

    The exhibit hall was cool and I learned some interesting things about computers. But I'm sure that if I were more into computers, the exhibit would have much more enthralling. :) There were those there that were and they were super excited about it. It was pretty funny to hear them talk about the different things.

    About 11:15pm we left the party and went to an after-party that was above a pub in Redwood City. I was starting to get a cold and so I was really tired and not super into it, but Rochelle and Jessica seemed to have a great time. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had been feeling better. It seemed like everyone there was pretty chill and not super into themselves and trying to impress other people. I loved that!

    On our way back to the car, we found a bridal boutique that was selling this:

    I think I found my wedding dress people!

    Trulie and I made it back to the house about 12:30pm and I crashed and by 7:30am Saturday morning, we were already out the door to the conference workshops.
    It was gloriously foggy when we left! I love fog! It makes me think of Christmas.
    The workshops were inspiring. The speakers were all great and one of my favorite stories was one that one of the ladies gave about her son and gaining the right perspective on life. She talked about how she realized that her son was pilfering different items around the house and she was concerned that he was becoming a juvenile delinquent. At some point she asked him were something was and found out that it was at his command center. She then showed a picture of his "fort" and it had all sorts of "goodies" in it. For a 12 year old boy it would have been fantastic! Then she showed the next picture of where the command center was--on her roof. It was so awesome. I give her kid lots of credit for creativity! She also said that he used a jigsaw to cut brass knuckles out of one of her cutting boards. Hahaha!! The lesson she was teaching us was that she needed to change her perspective of her son. He wasn't a juvenile delinquent, but a creative genius that needed to have his pursuits guided in the right direction. Such an awesome workshop!
    And I was so proud of myself because I went to most of them by myself and so I made a point to meet at least one person in each workshop and have a conversation with them. And I did. :) Yay! Go me! :)
    In between a couple of workshops, I found this precious gem. Isn't she the most adorable thing you've ever seen? She rivals my own Nana on a cuteness scale.

    After the workshops, the four of us were so tired that we spent the first hour of our dinner break in a park taking naps. It was wonderful. Then we had an adventure looking for an Italian restaurant that we wanted to try. Dinner was great and we had fun discussing the workshops and the guys we had met. :)

    We finished dinner before we needed to get back and so we drove around and found the Google headquarters while singing to Selena Gomez. It was great! Then we found giant plastic food sculptures in front of one of the Google buildings. And this happened:

    It's true. I do love my Android. :) I wish the other pictures I had taken had turned out better, but it was dark and my phone's flash can only do so much. :)
    When I was finished goofing around, we went back to the Museum and spent the night:
    Learning how to make Frushi (fruit sushi):
    This is what I made. It looked so beautiful! :)
    Jessica and Rochelle with their frushi spreads.
    Rochelle can now add "Frushi making skills" next to "computer hacking skills" on her resume!
    Learning to give hand massages. I was too busy getting my hand massaged by Trulie to get any pictures. :) Ahhhhmazing!

    Decorating Cupcakes (mine was pumpkin with cream cheese-cinnamon frosting):
    Doesn't that look divine? I enjoyed every single bite! (and a plus: I didn't get sick!)
    Learning Bollywood:

    Dancing our hearts out!
    One of the photographers got a fun group picture of Trulie, Me, Rochelle, and our friend Charity that also went down for the weekend:
    It was super fun and we were beat by the time the night was over. Thankfully we got to sleep in the next morning.

    Church on Sunday was my absolute favorite part. We left later than I would have liked, but it worked out perfectly. We got seats in the third row in the middle. It was a two-hour Sacrament meeting with a light luncheon afterwards and was the final part of the conference. Seriously, it was the perfect end.

    The first three talks were awesome. I especially liked the Stanford Ward's Bishop who talked about how he prays for the men of the church, especially those that will marry his 6 daughters. He suggested that we all pray for the men of the Church. Elder Robert Packer, our General Authority Seventy, also was there (he's the same guy that came and split our stake at the beginning of the year) and spoke in the meeting. I loved his talk. I think my favorite part was a story he told of a convert that he knew that told him that he wanted Satan to "bring it on!" because he could handle anything Satan brought if he had the Lord with him. Amen, brother! Amen!

    As amazing as the rest of the conference was, my favorite part of the entire conference was easily Sister Beck's talk. I'm not sure how they were able to snag the General Relief Society President of the entire church to come to the conference, but they did and it was sooo good!

    First her husband introduced her briefly and basically told us how wonderful she is and how he knew the moment that he saw her that she was the only girl he would be happy with and that he needed to get her before anyone else did. It was so adorable. It was so clear that he was still in love with her.

    When he was finished, Sister Beck got up and stood next to her husband, and began talking about how when they engaged they didn't get to spend a lot of time together because they went to different universities. Sister Beck said that after they got married she had all these great plans about all the different things they could do together. She said that could read books, watch TV, see movies, go to concerts, and then she realized that they didn't have those things in common. She then said that they decided that they had the Gospel in common and that they could serve together and that they had a family in common. It was a sweet example about how as long as we have the most important things in common with our spouses, then the other things don't matter.

    Sister Beck also talked about her dad and his experiences as a young Bishop. She said that he and his first wife had three little kids and then the fourth died, and a few months later his wife died. When he was the Bishop. She then stopped and looked at everyone and laughed. She said, "You guys try to be so secretive about your dating and keep a low profile. Try being a bishop and keeping your dating life secret." She was so funny. She then talked about how her mom was 30 when she met her dad. Her mom was single, successful, had multiple degrees, and had her own golf clubs and car. Something that didn't happen in the '50's. :) She said that when her mom met her dad, her mom said, "That's not for me." And her dad's response was, "Well it wasn't what I planned on either." SIX WEEKS later they were married! And her mom went on to have 7 kids in the next TEN years! Crazy. All I'm sayin' is that takes WAY more faith than I think I have. I loved the story and I love how she told it. It was very obvious that she loved her parents and her parents loved each other very much.

    The other story that I got from her talk was an experience she had while visiting with Church leaders in another country. She said that conversation moved to talk about the singles in the area. Sister Beck said that she said as the talked, she saw the individual faces of the single sisters that she had met earlier standing behind the men she was meeting. And then she said that as she looked at the women's faces, she began to see the faces of the unborn children waiting to come to earth, waiting for people to get married and have children. She said that by not getting married and having children, their progression was stopped. She said that she began to see us as Heavenly Father must see us, as future parents-with our future children waiting to come to us.

    Seriously, the room was so silent as Sister Beck described her experience. I've never heard a room so silent, especially when there are hundreds of people in it. I briefly looked around during her story and saw that everyone, guys included had tears streaming down their faces. It was touching and I felt what she was saying was true. As true as it was, it was heartwrenching. As one of Trulie's friends aptly put it later, "Why did she have to talk about the unborn babies?!" It did not make me feel better about being single. But it was amazing and inspiring. It made me want to get married even more!

    After Sacrament Meeting, the four of us went up and got to meet Sister Beck (convenient since we got such great seats right in front!). It was sooo cool! I loved how sweet, kind, and friendly she was to everyone she met. After learning that she had stood at a podium and spoke for six hours on Saturday, and then for almost another hour on Sunday, I'm sure she was exhausted, but yet, she and her husband stayed and willingly met anyone who wanted to meet them. Love it! :)

    After lunch, Jessica suggested that we head back to S.F. so we could watch the Blue Angels last show (it was Fleet Week at Treasure Island), which ended at 4. We took the wrong freeway (not my fault!) and finally got to the Bay Bridge (which crosses Treasure Island) at 3:30 and promptly got stuck in traffic. At least we saw the jets fly past a couple of times. Fog began to roll in and one of the guys we were supposed to meet there texted Jessica and said that the show was ending early. Bummer. So we dropped Jessica off at her house and we drove home.
    These houses were around the corner from Jessica's. They were so cute with the flowers all around.
    I love the streets of San Francisco!
    I was surprised when we got back to my house that it only took us almost exactly 2 hours from downtown San Francisco and we got stuck in traffic a few times. Usually it takes 2 1/2 hours with traffic. So that was really nice because I was exhausted (we took my car so I drove--good news is that I got excellent gas mileage! 34mpg-which included lots of city driving!).

    Overall, I was very impressed with the friendliness of everyone at the conference. No one seemed stuck up or obnoxious. For example, with in the first minute of us getting out of the car at the Museum Friday night, we met four people--before we had even walked into the building. So cool.

    So that was my crazy, exciting weekend. Yay!!

    Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    Guess What!

    It's raining. 

    And that makes me very happy. :D

    I just wanted to put it out there.

    I Should Sue For Harassment

    Okay, not really. But the weather is being such a tease! It has been cloudy and windy for two days now, and nothing, not one drop of rain.

    AND I WANT RAIN! NOW! pretty please? with a cherry on top?

    It hasn't rained since a freak storm came through the first of June. That is four months people. I'm feeling very parched.

    And besides, it's my sister Caitlin's birthday today (yay!) (24!) (weird!) and I can remember as a kid there were quite a few years that it always seemed to rain on her birthday. Or maybe that was Erin. Her birthday is in 10 days. Hmmm. Now I don't remember whose birthday it always rains on.

    Not that it matters. Moving on.

    Oh cruel, teasing sky! Bring down your rains! Oh, let it rain! My car needs to be washed desperately! Seriously. I'm too cheap and lazy right now to do it myself. It would be quite convenient.

    See what I mean? Dark and windy and chilly. Perfect Fall weather, except there is no rain....yet. (and there is a little jack rabbit hiding in the bottom right corner of the picture. Can you find it?)

    So as I was typing the above and mentally lamenting the lack of rain, I heard the bell up front ring and a baby cry. Not too uncommon, but when I went up front to see who had come in, to my surprise and delight, I saw Monica and her mom in my office! With flowers for me! Yay!!! I even got to hold precious Jesse for a few minutes and show him off (you know, because I had so much do to with it!) to my co-workers. Double yay!

    Aren't they beautiful?! They're from their garden at their house. (Such a beautiful yard!) I didn't retouch that picture at all!

    And suddenly it's okay that it's not raining quite yet. :D

    P.S. I just got my handwriting turned into a font! Yahoo! I did it through this website. SO freakin' awesome! Maybe in the next few days I can figure out how to show it off. Ok, I decided just to take a picture of my handwriting typed up in Word.

    So cool, right?!

    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    A New Job (Or Two)

    I am SUPER excited that I now have a second job!! At Green Tangerines, my local Scrapbook Store. It is such a cute and fun store. I love how bright and fresh it feels there, and I love the ideas and inspiration there. 

    As I've explained before I found out that the store was hiring and thought I would apply. I could use the extra cash and it would be fun to work there. Then I heard that the store was have "auditions" for their Design Team. Meaning I would get to be one of the ones making the inspiration at the store. 

    I submitted this two page spread as my application:

    I loved the way these pages turned out, but then I saw the other applicant's pages. They were AMAZING. I had no idea many people were going to be selected. And I decided that if I didn't get picked, it would be okay, but I was proud that I even tried. 

    And then yesterday, I saw this on Facebook:


    Green Tangerines
    The votes are in... announcing the new members of the green tangerines design team!! Congrats to JuliaJulia Hancock Van HorneZarogina AzocarMegan McGrath, Theresa Ritchie, Gina Cross, Christine Christine Potter ChainWendy Klock-Johnson, Rachel Anderson, Kari Weathersby, Nina Muma, and Teresa Hord!!

    I AM SO EXCITED! And I did get the job at the store! I will work after 5pm till close, about 9:30pm. I have my first shift this coming Thursday and I should find out what exactly is going to happen about the design team. Wahoo!