Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So Many Ideas!

I have so many craft projects in my head right now! I wish I didn't have to work, and had all the money I could want so I could just be crafty all day. :) Granted, I probably would get tired of that...eventually.

The main idea I have today was inspired by this Manzanita Advent Calendar Tree I stumbled upon today in my perusing of craft blogs. I really hoped you clicked the link. The tree is AMAZING. I love it and am totally doing it.

But alas, Christmas is soooooooo far away (I know, I know, just a few days ago I said I was getting started on Christmas presents already...but I am holding off on decorations, for now). Still, I love the idea and was thinking of someway to incorporate it year around (a.k.a.--a way for me to do it now and get away with it :) ). And then the idea hit me.

What if I make one tree and then decorate it with holiday themed decorations for various holidays around the year?! BRILLIANT! (I want sand white branches for my tree.)

Like having a Love tree for Valentine's Day, or an Irish tree for St. Patrick's Day, or an Easter/Spring tree (with cute little egg ornaments & flowers & butterflies), or a Patriotic tree (red & blue sparkly stars--maybe quotes from the Declaration of Independence?), or a Summer tree (bright colors with little flip-flops hanging down? so cute!), or a Halloween tree (black, purple & orange spiders and webs, maybe a little haunted house underneath?), or a Thankful tree (put things friends & I are thankful for on it with little mini clothespins--ooohhh, I'm so excited!), and then for Christmas I can do the advent tree, with a little nativity underneath; it would be so adorable!! Ohhh, and when I get bored between holidays, I could make it a Family History tree! I have such great pictures in my head right now!!

Oh my goodness, I need to get to Joann's STAT! :) lol.  Seriously though...

Another idea I had was to paint nesting dolls like a nativity. (Why am I coming up with so many Christmas ideas now?!)

And make a wood nativity. I have a friend who has some she made for Enrichment a few years ago and I want them--so cute, and pretty good sized. I need to figure out who made the cutouts.
I also want to make a Fairy Tale book. Basically it is a scrapbook with my favorite fairy tales and scrapbooked with all the pretty, girly acents that I don't get to use because I don't have any daughters or nieces. That's just an idea for now. I'm not going to start that book until Cait's wedding scrapbook is done. (She did say that she wanted it before her 10 year anniversary--meaning I have 8 more years to go! :) )

I also want to do a felt applique christmas tree skirt. I found some really cute kits last year, but they are expensive, so it may be a couple of years before it happens.

Another thing I want to do is finish a couple of paintings I've started. Oh, and finish Cait's wedding scrapbook. :)

I also want to make this. I have the materials, I just need the time and patience.

Okay, I think my head just might explode with excitement if I think of any other ideas. So I should stop...for now. :)

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