Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Secret Dream

So I've had a secret dream for a long time. But it is vastly different than anything I've ever done or studied. I've never done anything about it because I worry I'll fail. And that it will be an epic fail. But I suppose with risk there is always a pretty good chance of failure. But without risk, there is no chance of change or growth.

I've been thinking a lot lately about needing to take some risks in my life. I've thought about moving to the East Coast (still a possibility). About changing jobs. About getting my Master's Degree. Something. Anything. I need a change. I need to grow. I need to get outside my comfort zone. I need to take a risk.

So what is this risk? I want to write a book. I've always wanted to see something I that I've written in print, available on a bookshelf, and maybe even make a few bucks. This is actually on my secret bucket list. I always thought to myself, "Self, some day you are going to have a wonderful story to tell and everyone will want to read it! And then you can write it!" Well I think I'm going to have put some work into and learn how to write. A story isn't going to just magically appear in my head and magically work its way to a bookstore. So I'm starting now. I am going to pursue one of my dreams. :) And I'm terrified! (It terrifies me so much that I've considered writing under a pen name so I don't get laughed at! I'm still undecided about that though. I don't want to put myself out there too far!)

I love reading good books, and I've read A LOT of them. Especially LDS books. I love how clean and uplifting they are. So I want to write book in that niche. Conveniently, I know someone who knows people in the LDS publishing world.

Problem is, I don't know what kind of story I want to write. Mystery? I'm not sure I'm clever enough. Romance? I'm definitely not an expert. Children's? Well at least I was a child once upon a time. Also, I don't know anything about creative writing. I'm not even sure I have a good story to tell. All I know is technical writing--which isn't very good for writing a fictional story. So, time to learn!

Well the first step I've taken to accomplish my risk, er, goal was actually to start this blog (I just didn't tell anyone). I wanted to get in the habit of writing and see if I could find my style. I've definitely gotten into the habit, but don't know if I necessarily have a style.

Next step is to learn about creative writing and practice it. Hopefully I'll get some ideas about the type of story I want to write. I thought about taking a class, but that costs a lot of money. Then I thought about getting a few books, but again $. So library, here I come! Perfect! The library is a perfect place to get a book or two about how to write a book. Ha ha ha. I love it. :)

So I am officially starting my journey to become an author. I'll probably fail in epic fashion. At least if I fail, I'll fail with glory! (I love that hymn!) But at least I'm trying......right?! :)

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