Friday, April 29, 2011

Watch Out Winco...

So I seriously love Winco, even though sometimes I freak out there. Here is a great example of the AWESOME times that can be had when you go on a Thursday night. Beauty. Bekah, Christiana, and I went there to pick up treat's for Bekah's High School's Prom (she was in charge, not attending as a student--just to be clear...)

Anyway, so unbeknownst to Bekah and Christiana, I started recording them walking down the various aisles of the store. They were entertaining each other by dancing and frolicking. It was so funny.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:
And now for video proof of the hilarity:

And another:
And because good things come in threes, and because you can't really have enough of's another:

Hope these made you smile. We couldn't stop laughing. :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

31 Cent Night!

Trulie sent out a text letting a bunch of people in the ward know about the $0.31 ice cream night a Baskin-Robbins.

So we went. And it was delicious! And I got three scoops for 93 cents. Fabulous!

Trulie, Christiana, and Tyson (he really was excited to be there...)
See he's excited! I told you so.
Some of the group that showed up for cheap ice cream!
The lines were long, but it was fun to hang out and have ice cream. For 31 cents a scoop. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quilled Monogram

So apparently I am an excellent idea copier, and not an excellent idea generator.

Here is something I found on another blog, Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom. (Love her blog! Lots of brilliant ideas!!) She has a lot of cute quilling projects and I love how diverse (and frugal) her different projects are.

Okay, below is my attempt at the Quilled Monogram. I really liked this, but I'm tired of accumulating stuff only to have to move it in 6 months, so I decided to make it as a wedding present for some friends. Weddings are great for that. I try a new craft, and someone else reaps the rewards--as long as it works! Hopefully my friends like it. :) And yes, I even made the actual letter. From a cardboard box I had left over from moving. Here's how:

First, I cut apart the box so I had two big areas (with no folds or creases) to work with. There were a bunch of left over pieces that I used later. Then I drew my letter--in this case an "H" on one of the big areas.  You could also use a template printed out from the computer. I tried that, but couldn't find one that I liked. So I ended up free handing the H using a ruler.
I decided not to cut all the way through the flaps on the sides of the letter so I wouldn't have to glue so many sides down. Worked pretty well! Once the H was cut out, I traced it onto the other large piece of cardboard.

 I forgot to get pictures of gluing the sides together. My bad. To do it, I measured and cut 2" strips and glued them to the edge of the H that already had edges still attached. I'm not sure if that makes sense or not. Sorry if it doesn't. Try Suzy's blog if it doesn't, her tutorial is great. Once all the edges were glued on, I glued the other H to the top. Now the shape is done!
I paper-mached the edges to give the edges a smoother look. Maybe I'm really slow, but cutting and gluing and papermache-ing took me 5 episodes of Veronica Mars (love that show!). It was late so I went to bed and let it dry over night.

If I had thought about it a little more, and if it hadn't been so late, I would have torn even sized strips of newspaper and would have covered the whole thing. In some places you can tell where I didn't put newspaper now that it is painted. Also, be careful around corners. Mine got bunchy and wrinkly, and the paint didn't hide the folds and creases.
I tried painting it a dark red ("Cherry Cobbler"), but the color wasn't that great (it looked like blood--ewww!) and it was going to take a lot of coats, so I decided to spray paint it black and paint the red over the top. (Their wedding colors are Burgundy, black, and white.) Painting the red over the black didn't work either so I just painted it black again. Spray painting is definitely the way to go. Much easier and quicker.
Then I started quilling. This part took me the longest. Like several weeks. Granted, I only did it for a couple of hours at a time, and only few days a week. A tad tedious. But I think the overall look made it worth it. I think the couple will like it. I then sealed it with a spray sealant. I don't want my hard work to go wasted if someone knocks it over or spills a drink!

Since I didn't incorporate the Burgundy into the paint, I found some pretty ribbon in my stash and tied a little bow around one of the arms to get the color in it. All done!!
Best part? Yeah, I didn't spend any money on it. Nada, Zilch, Nothing! Yahoo! Lest you think I am the cheapest person alive, I did also get her a nice little sumthin' sumthin' for her bridal shower. :) Her husband will thank me later! :D hehehe...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pictures from the Kay Sealing

Mom got some fun pictures of Cait & Nick's sealing and I just got them so here they are!

Cait & Nick Kay next to their Sealing Announcement in front of the Temple
Joy (Nick's mom), Nick, Cait, & Aunt Becky
Joy, Nick, Cait, Aunt Becky, & Aunt Liz
Joy, Nick, Cait, & Mom
Cait & Nick in front of the Sacramento Temple
Speaking of Family, here is Nana and her brother Robert (aka: Uncle Bob)

Brett (Uncle Bob's son), Nana, & Uncle Bob. Mom said Nana was concentrating.
It kind of looks like she is mad. Guess we'll never know. :)
So all in all, Saturday was quite successful and freakin' awesome. It was fun to see our family and friends and spend time with them and celebrate Easter (& unofficially Cait and Nick's sealing).


Here are some pictures of the Vanity we got Mom for her birthday--after she put it together.

I think she likes it. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Leftovers

Yes, I am still eating leftovers from Saturday, as is the rest of my family that I gave leftovers to. But that isn't what I was going to talk about today. I want to tell about the Easter Party that Steven, Mom, and I went to at the Hanson Home. I didn't talk about the party at all in yesterday's post

It was so much fun. And the food was fantastic. Best part: I only had to bring a batch of the Texas Sheet Cake I made on Saturday. Easy Peasy!

It was quite the mixture of families. First there is the Duff family, which is the glue that holds their group together. Then their oldest son's in-laws were there as well, and then one of their other son's wife, Fallon's family. Fallon had also invited the family that had been baptized yesterday for Easter Dinner. And then there us. Steven has unofficially officially been adopted by the Duffs and Hansons for quite sometime now and so I've been lumped in as well. They are such a fun group of people and I enjoy my time with them.

Oh, and please forgive the picture quality. I was having a bit of an issue with my phone's camera at first.

Duff Grandkids, Corbin & Eli getting ready for the easter egg hunt. Fallon's dad, Paul, is in the background.
Momma Duff and her boys watching Eli & Corbin.
Eli playing with his new Easter toy.
Fallon's mom, Nancy, and Kenneth
Steven being creepy.
There also may or may not have been a joke I didn't get. I didn't tell my family that I didn't get it because I was so embarrassed that it took me so long and I KNEW that I would never live it down. So why I feel compelled to put it here where all of mankind can read about my ineptitude when it comes to silly puns, I don't know. But I hope that you'll still love me afterwards. Here is how it went down:

Me: "Mom, did you know that there are now trees in the front yard [of the property]?
Mom: "Yes. They're mandarin trees. You'll have to go skype some when they start producing."
Me: "Skype them? Do you mean steal them? Because I can't really Skype with a mandarin."

I laughed at my joke and rolled my eyes teasing my mom. I continued to tease her about "skyping" vs. "stealing" and that there is a difference. Then Steven chimed in with the joke I didn't get:

"Megan, you wouldn't be able to skype with them anyway. You don't speak their language."

At this point everyone else at the table burst out laughing. And I sat there probably with the most confused face. I knew that I didn't get the joke, but didn't want anyone else to know, so I laughed along too. Seriously. I kept thinking, "Of course I couldn't! I don't speak orange." Again, seriously. I am such an idiot.

About 8 minutes later, and continuously thinking really hard about the joke...I finally realized that MANDARIN IS A CHINESE LANGUAGE WHICH I DON'T SPEAK. I'm such an idiot.

The most pathetic part is that I had to work REALLY hard not to burst out laughing and blow my cover. It was really funny. No one called me out (which they would have if the had realized) so I wasn't about to out my idiocy and announce that I got the joke. Except that I just did. Here. On a public blog.

At least its a funny story. And I'll probably NEVER live it down.

Okay, now that I've totally humiliated myself--I think I'll end this post. Hope your Easter was as special and enjoyable!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

What a wonderful Easter today has been!! A lot happened, so sorry if this is a long post. :)

I am feeling so very blest for the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made on my behalf . I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. That he died for my sins. That he rose again three days later and lives today. That through him and by him, I be with my Heavenly Father again and that my family can be there too. (Now including Nick!!)

I've known these things for as long as I can remember, but it is always nice to have reminders.

I was able to go to my Family Ward (Yeah! Loomis 1st Ward!!) to visit with my mom, Nana, and my brother. It was so fun to see my leaders and Primary teachers. And hold new little babies. And I was surprised when I saw my best friend, Monica! She was home for Easter. That was fun. It felt so completely perfect. Almost like I was in high school again. Then I looked at Monica and her baby belly and remembered that we're all getting old, er, older. (ha ha ha. That was funny.)

After an awesome Sacrament meeting I was able to take a nap before my ward started--which was quite nice.

My ward was awesome! There was a whole family that was baptized yesterday and two of the kids are in our ward so they were confirmed. The other cool part was that it was a farewell talk by a kid in our ward that has some pretty significant physical disabilities. He was soooo excited that he was going to get to go on a real, proselyting mission. He is staying in our mission, but he will be a set apart missionary-just with a little bit of modifications. His talk was so sweet. He had been praying that a way would be found for him to serve a mission, and then the Stake President approached him and asked him if he wanted to go on a mission. He was so happy that his prayer had been answered. It was lovely. There was also a lot of singing today. In fact, our Relief Society sang, (well those that were brave enough to stand up sang). The practice had gone terrible, but then we we got up, it was perfect. Naturally. :) That's what happens when angels sing with you. :)

So this post is getting long already so I'll finish up today's events in tomorrow's post. But I just want to end with this video about the reason for Easter:

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today was the big day. Well, for my sister, Caitlin and her husband Nick anyway. They were sealed in the Temple!! (If you don't know what that means, click here--suffice it to say that now they will be still married to each other even after they die. It's very special and exciting!!) 

So it was a busy and special day for them! Mom has pictures, but I don't yet so I'll post them once I get them.

As I explained yesterday, to celebrate, I volunteered to throw a party for them. Cait didn't want it to be a party for them, but an Easter party. So I compromised and said it was for both. She wasn't having it, so I said it was an Easter party. But in my heart, it was for them. And in everyone's hearts too.

Everyone said that the sealing was wonderful and that Nick was hilarious. Apparently when the sealer told him to look at Caitlin, not him, Nick said, "Not a problem." And then when the sealer had them stand in front of the Eternity mirrors, the sealer said, "Nick, who do you see more of?" Nick said, "Caitlin." The sealer said, "Is there a lesson in that?" Nick's response: "Indeed." Considering that Nick is generally a man of few words, it was really funny.

My mom said that everyone in the sealing room was crying. Everyone, but Caitlin. Of course. She says that she was born without tear ducts. Or that they malfunctioned when she was a kid or something. I think she is right. :)

So on to the party and the food. Apparently, I didn't really care that there were people there because I only got pictures of the food. My bad.

The Fruit Pizzas. They were so pretty! And even more delicious! Alyssa made the one on the left. She was quite proud of it. She doesn't really cook so this was a big deal. She even made the glaze that went on top all by her self!
About half of the spread. The food was all so yummy, if I do say so myself.
And that's my cousin Cresta-Lynn in the background.
It was really fun too, because my Aunt Liz (my dad's sister) drove down with Mom and Nana to come to the sealing. (She lives a couple of miles away from them in Nampa). She stayed with her sister, my Aunt Becky, in Reno, but came down for the day. It was so fun to see and spend a little time with them.

After the festivities started to die down a little, I convinced my mom to come out and admire my beautiful new car that she still hadn't seen. My aunties  came out to admire too. And Cait, always wanting to be the center of attention (not really) decided that at that very moment she wanted to make sure that the emergency handle in the back of my trunk worked. So we opened it up and she climbed in. And lucky for her (and her husband) it did.

Here she is saying, "Ta Da!" like it was some magic trick or something. :)

And the family watched "Tangled" twice during the party. The second time I actually sat down and watched the first 15 minutes, but then my Aunties showed up so I didn't see the rest. So I still haven't seen it. Boo. That's okay though, I finally saw Harry Potter tonight at the "After Party" at Cait's. Awesome movie!!

So it was a very busy day and everyone but Steven was exhausted by the end (actually by the middle, but we survived till the end). Exhausting, but super fun and AWESOME! Like, totally.

Friday, April 22, 2011


I feel the need to start with this warning: [Warning-this is a ridiculously long post]. There you have now been warned. :)

So this week has been terribly hectic, thus no posts. My mom is coming into town this weekend for my sister and her husband's sealing (Yeah!!!) and to celebrate Easter. So, naturally, I volunteered to feed everyone after the sealing (and pay for it-literally, and mentally...). I don't regret it at all, but it does make one terribly busy when your expecting anywhere from 20-40 people to show up. It also makes it hard to plan food.

I'm writing this while I am prepping for the feasting tomorrow. And it will be delicious! And fortunately, I will have a sous-chef tomorrow morning. My "little sister" Alyssa (she's not technically my little sister, but I was her baby-sitter since she was 2 years old (I was about 14) till I went away to college, and then sometimes when I was home on break. And our families are really close--we spend a lot of time with them). She is totally fabulous. And almost 16--which freaks me out--never mind that her little brother just turned 12--I'm denying the fact that they are getting older. (And I've stopped acknowledging that I'm getting older too.)

ANYWAY...Lys agreed to be my helper tomorrow morning and I am so grateful!!

Right now I'm prepping food for tomorrow. So fun.

Here is the menu and links to where I got the recipes:

- Knorr's Spinach Dip with Sourdough Bread. (My favorite version!)
- Veggie Platter with Ranch Dip (a packet or Ranch dip mix and a container of sour cream. Mix together. Enjoy. :)
- Deviled Eggs with Bacon and Green Onions
- Funeral Potatoes--this site has AMAZING recipes. Love it!
- Chicken Salad with rolls and lettuce--Make sure you refrigerate it for awhile before eating. The flavors will be much better!!
- Fruit Pizza (A great summer dessert!)
- Texas Sheet Cake! (Again, another website I love. Best Recipes. Like, totally!)

Yeah that's right. I did a meal with all my favorites. Even though it was unofficially for Cait & Nick, but per Cait--it was officially for Easter--so I picked my favs. :)

So pretty sure I almost had a panic attack when I went to Winco after work today. It didn't even occur to me that Winco, a popular (and very cheap) grocery store, would be CRAZY busy on the Friday before Easter. Big mistake. Though, if the thought had occurred, I still would have gone because I wanted everything to be as fresh as possible.

Anyway, when I got there, I called my brother to make sure that he was going over to my sister's house for the evening so we could give my mom her birthday/mother's day present. (I was super excited!! See below.) He said that he had made plans to be in Sacramento with his buddy. Not in Lincoln with his sisters and mom. It kinda put me very close to the edge. With a very crowded grocery store, and a seemingly endless grocery list. Not a good combo.

I was on the verge of panic. It wasn't pretty. I don't know why. It was weird. Then Steven said he was joking and I got super confused and it pushed me closer to the edge. Then I ran into one of my clients' wife. Who is super nice, but I was so confused and overwhelmed, that when she said hi and tried to chat with me that I probably spewed gibberish at her. Again, not pretty. That really helped my professional image, I am sure. Anyway, thankfully she saw I was on the phone and let me be.

Then my mom got on the phone and told me to stop freaking out, that I was being a baby--and that Steven was lying and messing with me (what a bother, er, brother). And that I needed to get over to Cait's house--they were all waiting for me. Apparently no one had told me that I was supposed to go over there straight after work. I told her that I would be there as soon as I could.

I finally showed up (two hours later) with Mom's present and made her unwrap it. See pictures below:
She VERY CAREFULLY unwrapped the box. Then I told her that I bought the paper so she could rip it.
So she ripped it.
Then she realized EXACTLY what it was and was even more excited. This is that face! Seriously. :)
This is what we got her--with the matching bench.
It was so hilarious to watch Mom open up the present. She's been wanting a Vanity Desk for years (apparently since she was a little girl) and a few years ago she said something about it to me so I've been searching online for one since then. But then I saw this one at Target (love!) and so Cait and I picked it up for her. Conveniently, she was in town so we didn't have to ship it to her. :)

She said it was exactly what she wanted. And she'll have fun putting it together. She likes that kind of thing.

The only other time we've actually been able to surprise my mom with a present is when we made her a scrapbook of all of our pictures from when we were kids. She kinda freaked out about it. And took it literally everywhere with her. Pretty sure she even took it the grocery store to show it it strangers and to Church--no joke. Hopefully she won't take the vanity everywhere she goes. :)

So after she opened her present and got over the surprise, we made Mom give us all hair cuts. Because that's what moms are for. Right?!

P.S. Mom, if you read this, I loooooove you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

To Acknowledge or Not...

DISCLAIMER: Feel free to skip this post. It's not exactly fun and positive. And it certainly isn't meant to get sympathy--in fact, that is exactly the last thing I want. Seriously. Don't even think about it. In fact, I think I'll back date this so no one sees it, just to ensure that doesn't happen.

So there is a day coming up and I'm not sure that I want to acknowledge. It's my birthday soon. Ok. I know that I'm not "old" old, but I'm not feeling very happy about this. I'll be 27. Again, I know that is not a tragedy--but it kinda is--at least it seems so to me.

Everyone is all like, "How are you going to celebrate the big day? We should do something fun!" Well, that's great. I don't really want to do anything. I'm not going to. I don't really care to.

I feel like I haven't accomplished anything in all those 27 years. I haven't even hit a lot of the major milestones yet. I'm not going to elaborate on what the "milestones" because its embarrassing, but still. I know I'm judging myself kind of harshly about it but I'm not really sure how not to. Anyway. Why bother celebrating something that isn't happy?

The other thing about my birthday is that something always unpleasant (or worse) happens. Its been that way for probably the past 10 years or so. I'm not joking. At the risk of sounding like a complainer (I don't mean to), I am going to provide some examples.

When I turned 16--my mom forgot my birthday. She'll swear this isn't true--but she didn't acknowledge the day at all until late that night. And my friends forgot too. 5-6 days later, they were like, "Wait, when is your birthday again?" Yeah. Seriously. It's a true story.

I don't really remember my 18th birthday because it was overshadowed by probably one of the worst and most embarrassing experiences of my life. Please don't ask me about it.

Four years ago, I found out that I have a condition that will make it very difficult for me to get and stay pregnant--eventually--when I get to that milestone. It was devastating to say the least. Thankfully, I'm fine and it is definitely not life threatening--but it is sad to me.

The next day was my birthday and Stake Conference. I thought Stake Conference would be wonderful and uplifting and help me feel better. Yeah, not so much. I'm not joking when I say--EVERY talk was about having families and how wonderful and magical it is and such a blessing, blah, blah, blah. Not exactly what I wanted to hear right then. I cried the entire time. It was so bad and uncomfortable that I almost left early. And I never, ever consider doing that. But then I decided to stick it out hoping that there would be the perfect talk just for me. There wasn't. I still don't know what I learned from that meeting.

(As a side note--I have learned to deal with this. And I am okay with it. I'm looking forward to the time when I'll be able to adopt! I'm so grateful that the Church has an adoption program.)

Two years ago, I found out that I have a fairly significant gluten intolerance a couple of weeks before my birthday (the week my sister got married) so I couldn't have her wedding cake or birthday cake. Not cool.

Last year I found out I have allergies to pineapple (one of my favorites) and walnuts and now have to carry an Epi-Pen with me. Not too long after that I found out that I have a pretty significant allergy to Wasps. That was painful.

Anyway these are just a few of the highlights, there are others, but I don't want to get into it. It just makes me sound like even more of a complainer.

I've had a few good birthdays, but I guess for me they have never been anything too special. Maybe that is why I love celebrating other people's birthdays so much--so that their birthdays are special--as they should be.

To end on a good note--last year's birthday was fun. It was on a Monday and I went to FHE, which was our ward's Pine Wood Derby. It was fun and my house won "Prettiest Car" Award. Then my roommates surprised me with a big cake (that I couldn't eat, lol) at FHE. It was really sweet. Afterward, some of our friends and I went to Cheesecake Factory-one of my favorite restaurants to eat.

Anyway--so that is how I feel about my birthday. I'm pretty ambivalent. I've gotten to the point that I just don't care. Life has taught me that when it comes to my birthday, if I lower my expectations enough, then anything positive will make like the best ever.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

So this morning I woke up to an amazingly clear Sunday morning. Seriously, the best way to wake up! I've been housesitting for my family's next door neighbors and it has been a nice relaxing weekend. And they have satalite, so I could watch real TV. That was fun.

I love housesitting for the family because their house and property are really nice. And the bed in the guest room where I stay is sooooo comfy and huge (I think its a Cal-King). Pretty much, I love it.

Anyway, so I was enjoying the beautiful weather outside and took a little walk around the yard loving the springtime.

I came upon this:

I made the picture large so you could see the details. There were hundreds and hundreds of holes in this large pine tree. Then I realized that there were acorns in lots of the holes. So bizarre.

Then I saw this:

The woodpecker was kind of high up so it was hard to get a good picture, but he/she was the culprit. It was facinating to watch him to create a hole and then put in the acorns. Very clever. :)

The fields below the house.

Its almost impossible to see, but there is a coyote in the shade in the back of the picture. While I was out walking, the dogs started freaking out and the pointer, Rusty took off. I figured it was a raccoon or something along those lines, but then I heard the coyote barking back. It was kind of wierd because it was 10:30 in the morning. It was only about 60 yards away. After a few minutes of the dogs trading barks, the coyote ran away. Fortunately, Rusty and the other dogs stayed away from it.

No joke, there were a bunch of turkeys roaming in the yard a little while later. Unfortuantly I missed a fabulous photo op when a big male turkey got all puffed up and was showing off for the ladies. 

More fields.

 Another field at the hairpin turn on the road. We spent a lot of time playing down here as kids before this road was put in. Such fun memories!

This picture doesn't do the view justice. This afternoon, it did get a little cloudy-so the picture isn't as good. But, it was actually so clear this morning that, had the coastal range not been in the way, you could have seen all the way to San Francisco!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Breakfast Club Meeting

So in her infinite brilliance, my friend Trulie decided she wanted to start a "Breakfast Club!" Yummy! Who doesn't love to go out to breakfast? I do! So hopefully about once a month, we're getting a group together to try out local breakfast places. The inaugural Breakfast Club was held at:

Granite Rock Grill, on Pacific Street in Rocklin. So. Freakin'. Delicious! I had been there before and it is soooo yummy! Totally a hole in the wall place. It kind of reminded me of this place in Dallas (ok, Irving) that we used to go to frequently whenever we were in town--Joe's. (My dad went there so often that all the staff knew him by name, and he had is own plate named after him. He would just walk in and wouldn't have to order, they would just start cooking. Seriously. It was almost kind of embarrassing.)

Anyway, back to Granite Rock Grill. I love the relaxed old-school, small town dive feel.

I would definitely recommend the place. The service was quick and friendly and the food delicious. Oh, and the servings are very generously sized--most of us couldn't finish our plates. Check out our food!

I ordered "Hannah's Special" with French Toast and Hash browns. AHHHMAZING. I don't usually get French Toast (I'm a pancake kind of girl) but this was fantastic! And yes, they have homemade jams and jellies on the tables!
Amanda and Drake. Amanda got the same thing as me, and Drake got an omelet that he enjoyed.
Trulie and Katie--they also really liked their breakfasts.
Lexie with her Strawberry stuffed French Toast.
 So our first Breakfast Club was quite successful and amazingly delicious! Props to Granite Rock Grill. I would definitely recommend them.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pretty Trees

I got some pretty pictures tonight as I was driving past family's property today and I wanted to share them. This is why springtime is my favorite. Its the only time of the year the property is beautiful and green. I love it when the oak trees start growing again!

Doesn't this just make you want to go on a picnic? I do!!

Here is a picture of my boss's oreo cows. I think they are funny.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Coyote? A Fox? A Wolf? Or Something Else?

The latest raging debate in our office: What is it?

[so we tried taking pictures of the beast, but no one could get their camera phones to get a good pic--so alas there is no picture to back me up. But I promise this is a true story. :) ]

My vote: Coyote. Or wolf. But there wouldn't be an actual wolf in Rocklin. That would be absurd. So most likely it is a coyote. But none of the attorneys believed me. Others in my office said it was a large brown fox. Again, absurd. They don't get that big.

Seriously, we all spent twenty minutes watching the beast eat a rabbit. It was morbidly entertaining. One attorney had binoculars in his office so we used those to watch it. This also helped confirm, at least to me, that it is, in fact, a coyote. To be fair, it did have a bushy tail and strange coloring. And it was out at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. It could have been a wolf...

Our office is so entertaining. :)

Since I didn't have a picture of the coyote (who wants to see one anyway?), here are some other pictures of wildlife around our office.
We have lots of Jack Rabbits around the building.
An Egret chilling in the field. We get lots of birds, including Red Tail Hawks and Blue Herons. Its pretty awesome!