Friday, March 11, 2011

My Life is Kinda Boring

Okay, let me be clear, I don't want something thrilling happening everyday--that would be too exhausting, but it would be nice if something exciting would happen occasionally. Is that too much to ask? But I suppose that no matter what other options I may have had, I would still be bored, because its probably more of an attitude problem than a lack of events in my life.

I have been working on my Christmas presents for my family. Well, I can only do one at a time, but the first one is nearing completion! Yeah! I think the first is the most detailed and difficult. At least, I hope it is. Its definitely been time consuming. Anyway, I know I am a jerk for not saying what it is, but oh well. :) Okay, okay, I'll tell. I'm making...busts of ME to give them!! Ha ha ha. Just kidding. That would be a creepy gift. But once Christmas comes, I will post pictures because I'm quite proud the one I've almost finished, and I'm sure I'll be proud of the ones I will do. :)

So that is what I've been upto and probably why things are so boring for me. I think I just need to change my attitude. Yippie Skippie.

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