Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When it Rains...Your Shoe Breaks

Actually I'm really glad it didn't actually rain last night. Things definitely could have been worse.

But considering my post yesterday about how suddenly I found myself quite stressed out, it was only appropriate that something else happen. Right?

Yeah. My shoe broke.

Good times.

I got to school, ready and excited to get this semester started. (The sooner it starts, the sooner it'll be over!) I realized I lost my parking pass so I walked across campus to the business office and got in the ridiculously long line. Within about 5.7 seconds, I started fidgeting and I moved my feet and the part of my sandal that went between my toes broke.

Because clearly, I needed something else needed to happen yesterday.

I thought I could play it off and it not be a problem. Turns out it wasn't possible.

I tried to fix it. It wasn't fixable. I stood in the line for about 30 minutes and slowly scooted myself to the front of the line. All the while moving my right foot like it was about to fall off and never lifting it off the ground.

All I had to do was make it out the building, cross two more buildings to my class and make it out to the parking structure after class. Surely I could figure out how to walk so my shoe didn't flop all over the place.

After I successfully got a new parking pass, I walked about two steps and realized I couldn't even make it 10 feet to the door of the building without my shoe flopping everywhere but under my foot.

Oh my goodness. So embarrassing. There was still a ridiculously long line of people, I'm sure they were all staring at me and my awkward shoe problem. I didn't even turn around to look at them.

So I hobbled/hopped out of the building and quickly found a place to sit down and investigate a possible solution to my problem. Maybe I could quickly fix it? At this point I had 45 minutes till class started.

After I examined my shoe I determined it was not fixable. I sat there trying to figure out what to do. I didn't have any options. I couldn't walk with this stupid shoe. I couldn't go home and make it back in time.

I had to walk barefooted.

At BYU-Idaho, I wouldn't really have flinched at that. The campus is so clean. But, here, at this school? The thought made me very nauseous. Ugh. So gross. But what choice did I have? I couldn't decide if it was better to leave one shoe on and the other off (real classy!) or be completely barefooted.

I decided to leave my left shoe on. I couldn't bear the though of both of my feet touching the ground. *shiver*

Then I thought that, perhaps, the school would have cheap flip-flops for sale in their clothing section. I walked across campus the other direction and discovered that they don't.

Then I walked across campus back to my classroom. I sat down on a bench and ate my snack and then realized I needed to use the restroom.

I had to go in there. With one foot completely bare.

It was nasty. I put my shoe back on and walked really funny so I didn't have to touch the floor. As soon as I got back outside, I took it off again. And went to class with only one shoe.

I'm a class act.

Fortunately I did survive. No one made fun of me, though several laughed when I made fun of myself. And the class went well and I'm actually pretty excited about it.

I also learned this lesson: wear regular shoes to school.

Also: listen to the thought that says in the morning as you're putting on your shoes, "What would you do if your shoe broke?" Yeah, I totally had that thought yesterday morning...and laughed at myself. [insert dead-pan look] Yeah.......

I just hope I didn't pick up a parasite or something. yuck.

I haven't felt that self-conscious in a long time. At least I could laugh at myself. And the laughing did relieve the stress I was feeling. :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lesson Learned

Yesterday there was a great talk in Sacrament Meeting about trials. During it, I kept thinking, "Oh what a wonderful talk. So glad I don't have any trials. Funny how whenever a talk about trials comes up I don't have any trials. Smooth sailing." [Insert pleasant mental smile here.]

Yeah. That was my mistake. Thinking that things were smooth sailing. Somehow whenever a talk on trials comes up, I don't think I have any. And then...

BAM! Usually the very next day. Something comes up.

It's like clockwork.

You'd think that this would have registered before now. But, nope.

This morning it hit me like a ton of bricks what this week is going to be like. I almost freaked out at work.

School is starting again tonight. I'm taking 4 classes. That's officially full time (12 credits). I also work full time. Yikes! So I leave my house at 7:55-8:00am to go to work. I won't get home till after 10:30pm Monday-Wednesday. Another Yikes. Plus an online class that requires doing something EVERY SINGLE DAY. Oy. (The teacher's philosophy: "If I can work full-time, raise 6 kids, and go to law school full-time while in my 40's--you can fit this class in your schedule."--Yeah. Ok. Chances are she also didn't have Church callings.) Yikes, Yikes, Yikes.

Oh, and NONE of my textbooks have shown up yet. I ordered them almost two weeks ago. Some of them haven't even shipped yet--including the one for the homework assignment today. Hopefully I'll be able to borrow someone's. Talk about stressful. That's what I get for trying to save money. (Though I did save more than 60%, so maybe it's worth it?)

Ok. There's nothing I can do about that one. So I shouldn't let it stress me out. (This is me giving myself a pep talk. Just so you know.)

I also am doing 12 signs for the wedding this weekend. Good news: I was able to get most of them done this past weekend. I only have 2-3 of the large ones left to do (I don't like one so I might re-do it, if I have time). Problem: I literally don't have anymore time this week. Thursday is set up for the wedding. Friday is the wedding. Good thing I took Thursday and Friday off work. Somehow I have to make time between set-up and helping with flowers to whip them out. Maybe I should learn to write faster.

And somehow I will fit in my weekly temple trip. I need to fit it in.

Also, my boss is retiring Wednesday. I'm really sad about that. He is a good boss--he's very patient with me.

I am SO looking forward to Saturday. I don't have anything scheduled! And Monday is a holiday. Yay!!!! So technically I do have a 5 day weekend. And the wedding is all fun stuff, busy and a little stressful--but definitely fun.

So lesson learned. A talk/lesson/testimony in church about trials is usually a warning that something is going to come up very soon in my life.

Duly noted.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

An Update

So I thought I would have my bedroom all done by now.

I don't know why. I should have known better. Life, as it does, got in the way.

And school starts next week.

So basically what I'm saying is that I hope I have time again at Christmas.

Ok. It better not take that long. It's driving me crazy.

I still need new bed linens and a couple more bookcases (one can never have too many!). That all requires money. And time. Both of which I do not have.

Oh, did I mention that I'm doing a ton of signs for a wedding next weekend? (ACK! one of my babies is getting married! He's the first. I feel old.) (And by "babies" I mean the kids I babysat for like 10 years--There are four and now three of them are adults and the two older boys are engaged with one getting married next weekend. Crazy!)

I'm really excited for the signs. The mental images I have look awesome. Hopefully my skills can measure up (doesn't usually happen. :/ ).

The reception will be beautiful. I heard all the details last night and I'm really excited for it.

Half of the signs are going to be love quotes from disney movies (there's a subtle disney theme--it's where they got engaged). Hopefully the posters will turn out. I'm kind of nervous. I don't want to ruin anything.

Good news: I've seen the bride-to-be in her wedding dress and she looks sooo beautiful. :)

It's going to be a good day. :)

So all of this is why I haven't been posting a lot. So don't worry. I'm still here and I've been steadily working on my room. I'm really liking it so far. :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bedroom Makeover: A Clean Slate

Alright friends, I have a new bedroom! It's coming along slowly. (Why do I have to work full time again?!     oh yeah, to pay for my fun stuff...oh, and bills. boo.)

So here is a little tour of the room so we're all excited for the final reveal...in about 6 months. Just kidding. I don't know when it will be. I'm slow. And somehow projects always take much longer than I anticipate.

Anyway. Onward and upward. Here are pictures! And in italics are the ideas I have.

View as you walk in the double doors:

Immediately to the left is a long skinny window, and a walk-in closet with huge mirrors for doors. (That freaks me out! I can see things move (me) out of the corner of my eye! hahaha!) New curtain, Nightstand, Lamp, And maybe, eventually, a large potted plant. Ficus tree, maybe?

A not-very-good panoramic view of the room. There is a large sliding glass door that leads to the backyard. The opening on the right leads to the bathroom/vanity. Bed with my trunk at the foot, Bed will have new linens and duvet, bookcase with crafty stuff in pretty white boxes, table/desk, new curtains for the back door,  dresser and TV right of the back door, small bookcase with DVDs.

The closet. Clothes. Duh. :)

There are some nice built-in shelves in the closet. I don't know. Crafty stuff I don't have room for on my bookcases?

The vanity area and door leads to the bathroom. Three more bookcases...for books. :)

The bathroom (because that's always fun to see on a blog!).  Uh, bathroom stuff, and a new curtain.

So there you have it! So excited to get everything done!! I've gotten some things done: like a new lamp, short bookcase, nightstand, my truck, some of the curtains. Its coming together! Yay!!