Monday, March 28, 2011

"spring, Spring, SPRING!"

Name the movie that I stole the above title from! The person(s) are singing the line. And now the word "spring" looks real funny now. Anyway...

Last week's weather was awful. Tons of flooding everywhere and now, GORGEOUS SPRING! Yeah!!!! It makes me happy. It may have to do with the Vitamin D I am now able to get, but hey.

My bulbs are starting to grow too. The trees are getting leaves and if the backyard weren't such a mud pit, I would be tempted to hang out back there.
The mud pit.
When I pruned the roses, I was worried they wouldn't grow back. Boy, was I wrong!

My bulbs are growing! And my morning glories!! Yippie!
A tulip that was planted by previous renters.
Last year, my Aunt tried to get rid of the huge lilac bushes that were at my house growing up. I was pretty upset about it because they were my favorite flower in the yard. Then magically, there were some that she transplanted into a pot to take to Idaho for my Nana. Mom didn't want them because she hates the smell and so I got them. I love the smell! Yippie!!

The only bummer was that there weren't any flowers last year. Leaves, yes. Flowers, no. I was devastated, truly I was. But this year--there are flowers!!! Look, see! They are starting to blossom!!

Also, apparently, my aunt planted little bulbs (I thought they were weeds until the blossomed) around the bottom, and those are blooming now too! Yeah for my aunt!

And some day, when I am a big girl and have my own home, I'm going to plant the lilacs in my yard. Some day...

Oh, and the movie is "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers...In case you were wondering...

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