Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Movie, A Dream, and A Dog

Last night for FHE, we watched the movie we made last week. It was hilarious!! We also played Disney Scene It. So fun. As an explanation, we split into three different groups and filmed each of the acts independently. We had no idea how the other groups were filming their part of the plot. And then it was edited and polished. It was fun to make and fun to watch. Enjoy!


I think my dreams are getting out of control again. This happens every so often.

This morning I dreamt that I was hiking a hill with some guy (I don't know who, but he was super cute!). We were searching for something and he slipped over the edge of cliff near the ocean. I grabbed his arm so he wouldn't fall and as he was just hanging out (*snicker*) he looked around and saw a small opening in the side of the cliff below him. We both looked into the hole and saw an old '30's era car in a cave. Weird, right?! Well then we noticed a landing that if I swung him correctly, he would land on and then we could explore the cave.

Suddenly we were in the cave, which had electricity, and were looking around. It was like someone had stuck all their treasures in this cave and the car was just the beginning. Everything was super old and it looked like someone had lived there (I remember some beautiful rugs on the floor. It was so exciting! At first we couldn't figure out who put it there and how it got there. Then I decided that there must have been a road that had been washed away by the ocean. As we were exploring, we found a painting of an old man. It was my friend's grandfather or something.

And then I woke up. The end.


The last thing for today is a little shout out to my doggy Rufus. He died yesterday. We got him when I was probably about 14. We found out a couple weeks ago he had cancer, but decided not to put him down yet. Then he was found in the afternoon and given a little doggy funeral and buried in a favorite spot.

He was the best dog. Always sweet and loyal and a great listener. Isn't he soooo cute?? 

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