Sunday, March 13, 2011

A New Calling

Today I got a new calling. I'm now the Relief Society Compassionate Service Leader. I think that means I need to be compassionate and I need to do more service. It was like the Lord said, "Megan, you need to be more compassionate and do more service." Seriously. That is what he told me. :)

People kept saying, "Megan! That will be so perfect for you!" or "Compassion is your middle name!" or "You are going to be so wonderful at that! We're so excited!" Uh, these people were being serious, but it felt so sarcastic. I realize that sarcasm was what I was reading in to it. I don't feel very compassionate or service oriented.

Maybe that is why I got this calling. I'm actually quite excited about it. I love being released from current callings and getting new ones. To me, it feels like I've done what I need to do, and I've learned what I need to learn, and I've served they way I need to serve--and now I have a new opportunity for growth. Hopefully I feel this way because I've magnified my callings to the best of my abilities. I will miss FHE Committee, though. That was a fun calling.

And you know what is cool about my new calling? I get to be in charge of Birthdays!! I love birthdays! I love recognizing and celebrating the day of people's birth! YEAH! Oh, and I get a committee! Ha! :) The other part is that I'm back in Relief Society! I love serving Relief Society. I love helping women feel of the Savior's love and helping them realize their worth and potential!

Anyway, Yeah! for new callings!!

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