Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Favorites

Here are some of my case you need to know. :)

Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory (Pavlov's theory is coming into play RIGHT now). yummmmm....

Dessert: I've been in this cake kick lately, but I also love ice cream, cheesecake (esp. Jello No Bake), Nana's cream puffs, and pudding.

Movie Snack: Popcorn with M&Ms together--in the same bite. Try it. You'll love it! Seriously. :)

Weird, the first three things I think of have to do with food...hmmm...

Movie: Singin' in the Rain. Hands down. But I also love me a good rom-com or pixar flick. And I do love some action movies--as long as they aren't too violent. But I hate scary movies. I'm picky about thrillers. Some are okay, most aren't. I have nightmares.

Hobby: Scrapbooking!! Though lately, I've been doing a lot of other types of crafts. Like right now I am doing felt applique. I love the detailed hand sewing. Its great to do while watching TV or a movie. It makes up for the fact that sewing machines break when I even look at them (I'm not really joking. As a kid I was banned from the sewing area. Ask my mom.)

Book: Besides the obvious Book of Mormon (Here, have a free one!), I love a good romance-mystery hybrid story. Thrillers are good too! I'm pretty picky about my books. I don't like reading books that are graphic, violent, or have inappropriate language, so generally I stick to LDS literature. But I do enjoy Young Adult fiction books too (generally, they are cleaner than adult fiction).  I love The Giver, and Tuesdays with Morrie. Funny, both have sad, but hopeful endings.

Calling in Church: Gospel Doctrine Teacher (for Old Testament)! Followed by a very close second as Relief Society Education Counselor. I love teaching at Church. I definitely don't know all there is to know, but teaching allows me to learn more and take an active role in Church and helping others come closer to Christ. I've had lots of other callings and I am very happy to say that I've loved all of them. Anytime I get to serve, I feel so happy!

And I'll end with one of my favorite awkward compliments I've ever received. Seriously, this conversation actually happened and Lisa really meant it.

Lisa: "Megan, I really want you to get married!"
Me: "Me too!"
Lisa: "Well if you don't get married in this life, I'll share Adam (her husband). You're the only one I would be willing to do that with."

Um, thanks Lisa?! I didn't even know what to say to that. It was hilarious.

Ok. I gotta share another awkward compliment I recently received (I seem to get a lot of them). After sharing a cool story from my family history, a girl in my ward told me, "Wow Megan! You suddenly got so interesting!!"  **crickets chirping**

Good to know!

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