Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

I'm totally going to copy someone else's idea and do two truths and a lie in honor of April Fool's Day. :)

1. I sprained my ankle pretty bad in college, all because a boy winked at me.

2. Cellular and Molecular Biology was my favorite class in college. The text book is over 3.5 inches thick.

3. I was voted most popular girl in my Ward in my senior year of college.

Apparently this was a college edition. :) So which one is the lie?? I'll answer it tomorrow! ha ha ha!


Also I wanted to highlight some of my favorite pranks I've done or have been a party to.

** In high school, my best friend and I saran-wrapped a friend's car. But a little twist on the classic was that we put folded up notes (a couple hundred of them) in each of the layers so he had to unwrap each layer individually to see what the notes said. Then a week later we attacked his bedroom and put yellow curling ribbon EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING! Several years later (after his mission), he was still finding ribbons. He says he now hates yellow curling ribbon. ha ha ha. :)

** In college, we got in a prank war with a boys' apartment in our ward. We stole their furniture and mascot. They sealed our door with a garbage bag and dumped leaves in between the door and the bag so all the leaves spilled inside--which was discovered about 3am. Not super fun. Then we put cheesewhiz notes on their windows. They stole their mascot back. We put liquid soap in their dishwasher. Ha ha ha. That one was awesome. Then they won with a classic. They put two truckloads of snow in front of our door. We lived on the second floor. It was impressive. It was below freezing so our door was frozen shut almost all day. We had to get in and out through our livingroom window. The manager was really upset and then made them come clean it up in the afternoon! Sweet Justice! :)

The funniest part about apartment being "snowed in" was that I was walking across campus a couple of days later and I heard people talking about it. That was awesome!

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