Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Unusual Phenomenon

An unusual phenomenon has been occurring at work for the past year, and I think I may have solved the mystery. The following has been happening in our freezer at work:

Kinda freaky, right?!

What are these strange ice pillars, you may ask? (go ahead...I give you permission.) I've never seen this happen to ice before we got this freezer.

Well apparently they are not "stalagmites" or freaky crystals or anything of the like. It is actually ice. According to a California Institute of Technology study, (yeah, I found a couple of scientists that did a study on it! I love Science!! And I love people that get permission for ridiculous studies, just because it is cool!!) they are "Ice Spikes" and totally normal--if you have very pure water and a really cold freezer. And apparently we do. We get these spikes almost every day.

A simple, scientific explanation can be found here if you are interested. But you probably aren't. But I was, and so I found the site. Because I am a nerd like that. :) By the way, the second link is to the University of Toronto's Physics site. So they had scientists research it too. Meaning that this is legitimate research. I want to work at these places. Its like working at Pixar, but for science nerds. :)

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