Monday, February 14, 2011

I Heart the Rain

Today is rainy and windy and cold, unlike last week--which was PERFECT! But it's okay that today is rainy and windy and cold because it lets me appreciate the perfectly beautiful weather when it is here. Which won't be this week according to the forecast.

My boss describes today's weather as "dreary." I say the dark clouds allow for the grass to appear brighter green and the flowers to be prettier.

I don't mind the rain and the dark and the cold. It means that I get to wear my winter clothes--of which I have a ton from living in Rexburg.

I especially love the rain when I have a good book, warm fire in the fireplace, a blanket, and a window to watch the storm. The living room in the house I grew up in was perfect for this. Conveniently the kitchen was also close by. MMMMMmmmmm warm food! :)

Oh, and it's valentine's day. I guess I should recognize it somehow.     :)

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