Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Champion Bridge Builders

Bekah, Trulie, Allen, Kayla, and I are Champion Bridge Builders. We may have placed 4th (out of 5), but in our hearts, we're the champions! Our bridge didn't break, it only fell.

To our defense, most of us were girls, and most of us had never taken physics, and we didn't understand the rules.

But our bridge didn't break! It held 10 hymn books. 

Our Bridge. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL??? (the answer is a resounding, "YES!")
The winner held 48. I think they had practiced at home, and they were boys, and they had taken physics in high school. But that doesn't matter because our bridge didn't break.

Over all, it was a fun activity giving everyone a chance to play with popcicle sticks and hang out together.

Oh and the Spiritual Thought was based upon a First Presidency Message by President Monson. I loved the article and highly recommend it. Here is the link: http://lds.org/ensign/2008/01/the-master-bridge-builder?lang=eng

Be a Bridge Builder!!

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