Monday, February 21, 2011

An Epic Saga

We have this beautiful field behind our building (where the sheep were last week) and lots of "nature things" as my co-worker says happens (she's from the city).

Today was no exception. It was a soap opera.

This morning we found a dog eating a rabbit pretty close to our building. There was also a flock of Canada Geese (Did you know they are not "Canadian" but "Canada" Geese?) there as well.

Then came the vultures. (*imagine crescendo-ing music here*) The BATTLE OF THE BIRDS was on!

My co-worker practically cried she was so freaked out...that is a true story. Apparently she hates birds of any kind. She says they frequently try to attack her. Ummm...

Anyway. At some point the dog left-and no it wasn't a looked like the sheep dog from last week.--so it became the battle of the birds...

Two vultures were going at it with each other, but kinda in slow motion. It was a tad strange.

My city co-worker asked me if the geese would get upset about the vultures. (She asks me questions like this all the time--like because I lived in the country most of my life, I know all there is to know about animals and plants and stuff). I told her (in my infinite wisdom), "Uh, probably not. Its not like the geese will want to eat the rabbit." The stare down between the two vultures and the geese went on for probably an hour or so.

Then suddenly, one of the geese went for one of the vultures! My co-workers happen to be looking out the window just at that moment and freaked out. It was just like one's favorite teams had just won a big game or something. The other (from the city) shrieked and practically cried, again. We laughed about it. Then the geese went away.

Wouldn't this make for riveting TV? No? Oh. Well, it made our day at work a little more entertaining. I only wish I had pictures to go with the story.

The End.

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