Friday, February 4, 2011

Crafting Withdrawls

I've been having withdrawls. No, not from my addiction to books. (I just read 12 books in the last month or so--I think I'm good--and, I heart libraries!) Its my addiction to being crafty.

I haven't made anything or done anything crafty since, like, early November!!! AAAGGGHHH! Maybe that is why I feel so unproductive. And its like therapy for me. And I need therapy. 

I moved at Thanksgiving and so all my stuff was packed a couple of weeks before and now that I don't have my treasured crafty area in my new house, all of it is still packed. Well, most of it anyway. I guess I did make my roommate's christmas present. Oh, and I did make my christmas advent calendar. Maybe THAT is why I was crafted out for awhile.

Well, now I am feeling the itch again. And my hands are a little unsteady. I need something in my hands--to keep them busy. Then maybe, just maybe, I won't feel so guilty watching TV at night.

And Cait wants me to finish her wedding scrapbook. Yeah, she was married in May, 2009. I should get working on that again...Maybe for her 3 year anniversary. (In my defense, there are over 700 pictures!!)

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