Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ward Birthday Party

The non-existent activities committee threw our ward a Birthday Party to celebrate everyone's birthdays. We even had a piñata! This is why I was at the Dollar Store yesterday. I ended up getting a Tinkerbell coloring kit, some random hangers, and some other stuff I found in my boxes in the garage. I was really hoping a boy would get it, but a girl did and she actually kinda liked it & said she needed hangers. :)

I think everyone had great time. Here are some pictures.
Birthday Cake!!

Jyl was really excited about her chocolate syrup she got in the present exchange.
Bro. Shumway & Amy setting up the creepy clown piñata. Yeah! For beating it up.
A swing & a miss!
The mad scramble to get all the candy once the piñata exploded.
I love ward activities!

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