Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My "Office"

So I was drawing a blank about what I should write about today, and my city co-worker suggested that I write about my cubicle, "office." (I want to optimistic about it.) :)

My home away from home
This is my desk--clean. I'm pretty happy with it. The cubical wall you can't see has my personal pictures and my notary certificates. And yes, those are pink Minnie Mouse ears on the right side of the picture. My boss brought them back from a vacation to Disneyland with his family  a couple of years ago--AND they have my name embroidered on them! :) Right now I am doing research on a case, thus the fat binders. Gosh, this picture makes my desk look like a disaster. It really isn't. It's quite organized and pretty-ish (at least as much as a small cubicle can be). I also have a fake orchid plant up on the shelf on the right side--which you can kinda--not really--see.
My view to the outside world--and my boss's office.
Sometimes I turn around and stare out the window. That's where all the "nature things" happen.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my desk and all things I accomplish at it. :) And that is the end of this random post. :)

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