Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Heart Sacramento

This morning I was listening to the radio and the DJs were talking about how Sacramento was #5 on the Forbes list of most miserable cities to live in the USA. This made me sad. I love Sacramento area. Sure, there are some downsides (like the King's current season, or ya know, state budget problems, the weather in the summertime) but there are some great things too!

Here are some of my favorites:

* LOOMIS! (Esp. Loomis 1st Ward!!)
   -- Del Oro High School, actually all the schools.
   -- The fact that you could probably hold church meetings in Raleys regularly--I think it is safe to estimate that approximately 1/4 of the residents of Loomis are LDS.
   -- Eggplant Festival ('nuff said!)
   -- The town will never get bigger than 6,000 people. Love it!
* Old Sac/Midtown
   -- Sutter's Fort, Railroad Museum, etc.
   -- State Capital Rose Garden
   -- The walk along the Sacramento River
* Spring comes early! The trees are starting to blossom already!! YEAH!
* Sacramento is close to everything. Tahoe, Reno, and San Francisco are all only 2 hours
* Rivercats games
* We have our own temple!
* Folsom Lake
* My co-worker told me I have to put Roseville Galleria Mall on the list, but I'm putting the fact
   that it caught fire 4 months ago and you can still see the burned out roof, allowing the rain
   inside the mall. I snicker every time I drive past.
* Seasonal Activities: Apple Hill, Bishop's Pumpkin Patch, the outdoor summer concerts at The
   Fountains, Second Tuesdays (in Midtown)
* Coloma and other Historical Sites
* The Cheese Shop in Newcastle--BEST SANDWICHES EVER!

I took this pic last night in a neighborhood near mine. I love the palm tree & the pine tree. Totally California. The bright spots in the sky are the moon (the big one) and Deneb (I think that is the small one).
There are probably some I have forgotten, but there are many reasons I love Sacramento. Most of all, it is home. I was born here, lived most of my childhood and adulthood here. And for that, I am grateful!

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