Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Love the Temple!!

So I wanted to bare my testimony today about temples, but I didn't, so I'm going to here.

This morning I was reading my grandpa's autobiography and he was talking about the experience he had when his second son, my Uncle Forrest was born. Here is the story in his own words:

"During the summer our second son was born. Syl started labor in the middle of the night so I dressed Britt and we all went to the hospital. I entered Syl into the hospital but the staff refused to permit me to wait with the baby so Britt and I returned home and went to bed. And he even slept. Early the next morning, I called the hospital to see if Sybil and the baby were alright. The hospital attendant reported that my wife was fine, but my baby had died and I should make arrangements for the burial. Of course, I was very sad, but I had to accept what we could not change and proceeded to make the arrangements. Then I met the undertaker at the hospital to pick up the body. I approached the front desk and stated that I had come for my son’s body.

"While one nurse was busy arranging the papers, another nurse, who just happened to be passing the desk, stopped and asked what I had said. I repeated, “I came to get the body of the Bryson baby that had died.” She replied, “Wait a minute, I was on duty in the delivery room and it wasn’t the Bryson baby that died.” WHOA!! Trying to be very calm, I caught her by the arm and turned to the other nurse at the desk and stated that we were going to find out about this, like now! The hospital manager was called and we all went to the nursery and there was my very tiny baby with “Bryson” on his armband. Two premature babies had been born in that night, one had lived and one had not, and I almost buried the wrong baby. During all the excitement, the nurse who had corrected the error slipped away and I never did find out who she was. But my son and I will be forever indebted."

Salt Lake City Temple--where my grandparents were sealed.
I can't imagine what he must have thought in those few hours when he thought his son had died. What amazed me was that, while I'm sure it was difficult, he accepted it, seemingly without question. I think it was because he & Nana had been sealed in the temple and that they would be able have their son be part of their family forever.  I know that Grandpa had a great testimony of the temple as evidenced by his many, many years of temple service--even after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

I have such a love for the temple and am so grateful for the opportunity to go there often. I look forward to the day when I can fully participate in all the ordinances there.


In other news...Today was the first day of Spring!! Not officially, of course, but there was a tree that started blooming at the church today!! YEAH!! Spring is my favorite!!
Spring Blossoms!!!

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