Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Facts About Me!

Here are some random facts about me. I know how much people LOVE reading feel free to skip this post. :)

1. My dream vacation: A three week cruise around the Galapagos Islands (they're off the coast of Ecuador). Preferably one that allows you to help with research. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! Why do I want to go here? Well it's beautiful...and the scientific term is: "Freakin' Awesome!" Oh and the other thing? They have these:

Blue-footed Booby---yes it is real!
Adult Galápagos tortoise
Galapagos Tortoise--can grow up to 6 feet wide and weigh up to 880 pounds
Marine Iguanas--These bad boys (and girls) dive in the ocean to feed! Google them--they are sooo cool!
2. Lost was my favorite TV show. I heart Charlie. *sniffle*

3. My first job was working at a party store and I really enjoyed it. I only worked there 3 months in the fall of my Junior year of high school, but I did get to dress up for Halloween at work--as a convict--which wasn't my choice. Little kids were scared of me. It was kinda sad.

4. My favorite food as a kid was shrimp scampi (only how my parents made it), but now un-breaded shrimp grosses me out.

5. Speaking of food--I've taught myself to love tomatoes, avocados, spinach, pumpkin, and CALAMARI!! Mmmmmm!!!! Funny, those are all things my mom despises. She gets grossed out whenever I say something about how delicious they are. And it may be possible that I bring these foods up just to get a rise out of her. :)

6. My favorite calling I've had so far is probably Gospel Doctrine Teacher for Old Testament. I did this my senior year in college and loved it. I've loved all my callings, especially serving in Relief Society, but I think Gospel Doctrine edges out. I really love the Old Testament!! Which brings me to my next random fact...

7. I love old things...the older it is, the more I love it! I really enjoy history and learning. I've always been a big subscriber to knowing where I've come from to know who I am and where I'm going. And this has spawned a great love for my family's history. And butterflies. (Maybe I'll explain that in another post.)

8. My favorite pets have always been dogs. They love unconditionally. Some day I want to get a Maltese (or maltese mix--preferably black). Cats are okay, as long as they are outside and mouse chasers and don't claw me.

9. I love art and color. When I was in college I was so excited to sign up for art classes--but a pre-req was required: Drawing 101. The first day of class I found out that there would only be pencil and charcoal allowed. No color! In order to get to the classes that I wanted to take (painting) I had to take a boring pencil drawing class. And I had to walk almost all the way across town to go (it was off campus). I made it to two classes and dropped it. That is how much I love color. Don't get me wrong; I have a great appreciation for greyscale drawing--but it is not my forte and so I leave it to the professionals--and those that think they are. I know I am not. :)

10. I love board & card games. I love getting together with friends and family to laugh and be goofy. Balderdash is a fav, as is Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan. I always lose (except at Old Maid--that honor goes to Cait), and I don't have a problem, ummm, with making the games difficult for other people to win. I want them to have to earn their win. I don't usually cheat and if I do, I own up to it--but I sometimes I might play a little dirty aggresively. :) he he he. ;)

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  1. Just a couple of random thoughts from your Mom:
    #5: Thanks bubba... I love you too :)
    #7: Old butterflies??? You MUST be thinking of a wonderful family story, right??


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