Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pictures from the Kay Sealing

Mom got some fun pictures of Cait & Nick's sealing and I just got them so here they are!

Cait & Nick Kay next to their Sealing Announcement in front of the Temple
Joy (Nick's mom), Nick, Cait, & Aunt Becky
Joy, Nick, Cait, Aunt Becky, & Aunt Liz
Joy, Nick, Cait, & Mom
Cait & Nick in front of the Sacramento Temple
Speaking of Family, here is Nana and her brother Robert (aka: Uncle Bob)

Brett (Uncle Bob's son), Nana, & Uncle Bob. Mom said Nana was concentrating.
It kind of looks like she is mad. Guess we'll never know. :)
So all in all, Saturday was quite successful and freakin' awesome. It was fun to see our family and friends and spend time with them and celebrate Easter (& unofficially Cait and Nick's sealing).


Here are some pictures of the Vanity we got Mom for her birthday--after she put it together.

I think she likes it. :)

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