Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Coyote? A Fox? A Wolf? Or Something Else?

The latest raging debate in our office: What is it?

[so we tried taking pictures of the beast, but no one could get their camera phones to get a good pic--so alas there is no picture to back me up. But I promise this is a true story. :) ]

My vote: Coyote. Or wolf. But there wouldn't be an actual wolf in Rocklin. That would be absurd. So most likely it is a coyote. But none of the attorneys believed me. Others in my office said it was a large brown fox. Again, absurd. They don't get that big.

Seriously, we all spent twenty minutes watching the beast eat a rabbit. It was morbidly entertaining. One attorney had binoculars in his office so we used those to watch it. This also helped confirm, at least to me, that it is, in fact, a coyote. To be fair, it did have a bushy tail and strange coloring. And it was out at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. It could have been a wolf...

Our office is so entertaining. :)

Since I didn't have a picture of the coyote (who wants to see one anyway?), here are some other pictures of wildlife around our office.
We have lots of Jack Rabbits around the building.
An Egret chilling in the field. We get lots of birds, including Red Tail Hawks and Blue Herons. Its pretty awesome!

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