Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Leftovers

Yes, I am still eating leftovers from Saturday, as is the rest of my family that I gave leftovers to. But that isn't what I was going to talk about today. I want to tell about the Easter Party that Steven, Mom, and I went to at the Hanson Home. I didn't talk about the party at all in yesterday's post

It was so much fun. And the food was fantastic. Best part: I only had to bring a batch of the Texas Sheet Cake I made on Saturday. Easy Peasy!

It was quite the mixture of families. First there is the Duff family, which is the glue that holds their group together. Then their oldest son's in-laws were there as well, and then one of their other son's wife, Fallon's family. Fallon had also invited the family that had been baptized yesterday for Easter Dinner. And then there us. Steven has unofficially officially been adopted by the Duffs and Hansons for quite sometime now and so I've been lumped in as well. They are such a fun group of people and I enjoy my time with them.

Oh, and please forgive the picture quality. I was having a bit of an issue with my phone's camera at first.

Duff Grandkids, Corbin & Eli getting ready for the easter egg hunt. Fallon's dad, Paul, is in the background.
Momma Duff and her boys watching Eli & Corbin.
Eli playing with his new Easter toy.
Fallon's mom, Nancy, and Kenneth
Steven being creepy.
There also may or may not have been a joke I didn't get. I didn't tell my family that I didn't get it because I was so embarrassed that it took me so long and I KNEW that I would never live it down. So why I feel compelled to put it here where all of mankind can read about my ineptitude when it comes to silly puns, I don't know. But I hope that you'll still love me afterwards. Here is how it went down:

Me: "Mom, did you know that there are now trees in the front yard [of the property]?
Mom: "Yes. They're mandarin trees. You'll have to go skype some when they start producing."
Me: "Skype them? Do you mean steal them? Because I can't really Skype with a mandarin."

I laughed at my joke and rolled my eyes teasing my mom. I continued to tease her about "skyping" vs. "stealing" and that there is a difference. Then Steven chimed in with the joke I didn't get:

"Megan, you wouldn't be able to skype with them anyway. You don't speak their language."

At this point everyone else at the table burst out laughing. And I sat there probably with the most confused face. I knew that I didn't get the joke, but didn't want anyone else to know, so I laughed along too. Seriously. I kept thinking, "Of course I couldn't! I don't speak orange." Again, seriously. I am such an idiot.

About 8 minutes later, and continuously thinking really hard about the joke...I finally realized that MANDARIN IS A CHINESE LANGUAGE WHICH I DON'T SPEAK. I'm such an idiot.

The most pathetic part is that I had to work REALLY hard not to burst out laughing and blow my cover. It was really funny. No one called me out (which they would have if the had realized) so I wasn't about to out my idiocy and announce that I got the joke. Except that I just did. Here. On a public blog.

At least its a funny story. And I'll probably NEVER live it down.

Okay, now that I've totally humiliated myself--I think I'll end this post. Hope your Easter was as special and enjoyable!!

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