Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

What a wonderful Easter today has been!! A lot happened, so sorry if this is a long post. :)

I am feeling so very blest for the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made on my behalf . I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. That he died for my sins. That he rose again three days later and lives today. That through him and by him, I be with my Heavenly Father again and that my family can be there too. (Now including Nick!!)

I've known these things for as long as I can remember, but it is always nice to have reminders.

I was able to go to my Family Ward (Yeah! Loomis 1st Ward!!) to visit with my mom, Nana, and my brother. It was so fun to see my leaders and Primary teachers. And hold new little babies. And I was surprised when I saw my best friend, Monica! She was home for Easter. That was fun. It felt so completely perfect. Almost like I was in high school again. Then I looked at Monica and her baby belly and remembered that we're all getting old, er, older. (ha ha ha. That was funny.)

After an awesome Sacrament meeting I was able to take a nap before my ward started--which was quite nice.

My ward was awesome! There was a whole family that was baptized yesterday and two of the kids are in our ward so they were confirmed. The other cool part was that it was a farewell talk by a kid in our ward that has some pretty significant physical disabilities. He was soooo excited that he was going to get to go on a real, proselyting mission. He is staying in our mission, but he will be a set apart missionary-just with a little bit of modifications. His talk was so sweet. He had been praying that a way would be found for him to serve a mission, and then the Stake President approached him and asked him if he wanted to go on a mission. He was so happy that his prayer had been answered. It was lovely. There was also a lot of singing today. In fact, our Relief Society sang, (well those that were brave enough to stand up sang). The practice had gone terrible, but then we we got up, it was perfect. Naturally. :) That's what happens when angels sing with you. :)

So this post is getting long already so I'll finish up today's events in tomorrow's post. But I just want to end with this video about the reason for Easter:

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