Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Breakfast Club Meeting

So in her infinite brilliance, my friend Trulie decided she wanted to start a "Breakfast Club!" Yummy! Who doesn't love to go out to breakfast? I do! So hopefully about once a month, we're getting a group together to try out local breakfast places. The inaugural Breakfast Club was held at:

Granite Rock Grill, on Pacific Street in Rocklin. So. Freakin'. Delicious! I had been there before and it is soooo yummy! Totally a hole in the wall place. It kind of reminded me of this place in Dallas (ok, Irving) that we used to go to frequently whenever we were in town--Joe's. (My dad went there so often that all the staff knew him by name, and he had is own plate named after him. He would just walk in and wouldn't have to order, they would just start cooking. Seriously. It was almost kind of embarrassing.)

Anyway, back to Granite Rock Grill. I love the relaxed old-school, small town dive feel.

I would definitely recommend the place. The service was quick and friendly and the food delicious. Oh, and the servings are very generously sized--most of us couldn't finish our plates. Check out our food!

I ordered "Hannah's Special" with French Toast and Hash browns. AHHHMAZING. I don't usually get French Toast (I'm a pancake kind of girl) but this was fantastic! And yes, they have homemade jams and jellies on the tables!
Amanda and Drake. Amanda got the same thing as me, and Drake got an omelet that he enjoyed.
Trulie and Katie--they also really liked their breakfasts.
Lexie with her Strawberry stuffed French Toast.
 So our first Breakfast Club was quite successful and amazingly delicious! Props to Granite Rock Grill. I would definitely recommend them.

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