Saturday, November 19, 2011

Picture Perfect Fall

Today as I was running some errands around town (Rocklin), I kept smiling at the sight of all the beautiful trees turning colors. I know that it must be even more beautiful back East, but to me, this is pretty great. I love this time of year. I love all the bright colors. I think the crisp air makes the colors brighter. I'm pretty sure that there must be a scientific study somewhere to back me up. Maybe. :)


Today I am thankful for the seasons. I love all of them. I'm pretty sure that every time there is a new season, I say that one is my favorite. (The exception is Summer. I love Summer, and sunshine, and warm weather, but not hot weather. For example, I love Summer in oh, let's say, Rexburg. But Sacramento? Or Dallas? No sir.) Each season has it's perks and I do love them all.

Spring: I love the refreshing new life and the flowers, especially coming out of winter. I think that I appreciate it so much more because of the comparison to winter. I love celebrating Easter and what it means to me personally. I love the temperature, light breezes and longer days. Awesome. :)

Summer: I love sunshine and warm evenings. I love the long nights and Fourth of July. BBQ and fireworks? Yes, please! As long as it's not super hot (anything over 90 degrees is considered super hot to me), I'm good. :)

Fall: The changing leaves and colors. I love pumpkins and warm, cozy fires. And Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. :)

Winter: Um, hello! Christmas! My favorite Holiday! And the weather is awesome. I love cold, windy, rainy days with foggy mornings. They will always remind me of fond memories of playing with my siblings in front of a roaring fire and watching the storm through the large picture window in our house. And I love snow. I love the frigid air and the clean, bright white of fresh snow (though I could do without dirty snow...yuck!). I love winter.

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