Thursday, November 3, 2011

Music and Writing

Today's prompt is:

"Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?"

I can listen to music and write, but sometimes I end up typing the lyrics of the song into whatever I'm writing. One time, in high school, I did that, but didn't realize it and my teacher caught it in my paper. He thought it was funny, but still docked me points. :/

When I'm writing longer things, I actually like to listen to classical type music (without words), mostly piano, guitar, or violin. Those are my favorites. :) It allows me to concentrate better.

What music I heard today has nothing to do with writing. :) I heard Selena Gomez's song, "I Love You Like a Love Song." Annoyingly catchy. :) And it will forever remind me of the trip I took to the Silicon Valley LDS Education Conference a few weeks ago. We played that song over and over again. And now whenever I hear it, I get song suckered and it's stuck in my head all day.

Today I am grateful for changes in the weather. I love stormy weather, I love warm (but not hot) sunshiney days. I love windy days (as long as my hair is in a ponytail) and cold days.  I love rain and snow. I love cool mornings that turn into pleasantly warm afternoons. I love it when it's cold enough for me to huddle underneath my blankets at night in order to stay warm. Thankfully, the last few nights have been that way. I love it!

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