Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wall Vinyl Application

So last night between Cait's baby shower and the wedding reception I was helping with, I helped Michelle with a little project. The wall for her stairs.

She had put up pictures of her kids (current pictures on top and baby pictures (say awwww! with me) on the bottom) and a large clock and wanted the words, "For Time and All Eternity" somehow above, around, or by the pictures.

Since I was there, I brought my cricut and vinyl and began playing with what she could do. This is what we ended up with. The letters are sized at 5 inches and I think the font is Garamond (or pretty close to it) and the word "Eternity" is in the font Scriptina.

We spent over an hour and half lining up the letters just right and making sure they are straight. Ok, I'll be real, I just stood there and said yes or no, left or right, while Michelle figured it out and lined up the words. :)

We learned a few lessons when applying vinyl lettering.

1) Tape them up first and decide how you want it to look and line up the letters as straight as possible.

2) When applying the vinyl to the wall, take off the non-stick backing just a little bit and line it up again. Cut off the white backing of the section that is stuck to the wall. Reposition if needed.

3)Take off the rest of the backing paper and adhear the vinyl to the wall. Press vinyl against the wall and rub it so it sticks.

4) Rulers and levels are over-rated, unless you are kind of OCD about things like words being straight. A good set of eye balls work just fine. ;)

Because the wall is kind of "wedding-ish," as determined by Alyssa, Michelle is going to put their wedding picture before the first picture of Sean (on the left side of the pictures). I think that will be really cute.

Michelle then said that as the kids get married (ack!), she'll put up their wedding pictures in the frames.

I thought it was pretty fun idea, so I wanted to share. :)

Today I am thankful for this wonderful family. I've known them since I was 13 and I basically lived at their house after that. I babysat the kids since the oldest, Sean, was 7 (yeah, he just got home from his mission--waaaa!!). Kevin wasn't even born for another 2 years. They are very near and dear to my heart and I consider them as much a part of my family as my siblings. Alyssa has even called dibs on being the "official babysitter" for Caitlin's baby. Just like I was for her. :) Love it! I will forever be grateful for their examples in my life. :)

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