Thursday, November 10, 2011


Interesting prompt for today:

"What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion?"

This is actually something I've thought about quite a bit. Even when I was a kid. I've grown up hearing the statements, "Follow your passion," or "Do what you are passionate about." I've always wondered what I was passionate about. I don't feel like I am passionate about things like other people seemed to be. I'm certainly not obsessed over anything. But there are things that I really enjoy.


Biology-- I love science. I love studying nature and how it works. And don't get me started on molecular and cellular biology. It is sooo interesting! I get really excited when I talk about it. So I guess I'm kind of passionate about that.

Family History (Geneology)-- I love my family and I love learning about my ancestors. I feel like a detective when I'm "chasing down leads" and "uncovering the truth." It is sooo cool! I feel closer to my family and ancestors as I learn about them and then share it with my family--who don't seem to care quite as much as I do. So I guess I'm kind of passionate about this too.

Scrapbooking/Crafts-- In case you haven't noticed, I love being crafty. I love making something from nothing. Especially when it's pretty. :) Yep, I guess I'm passionate about pretty stuff.

So there you have it. I guess I do have a few things I'm not-so-secretly passionate about. I try to balance each of them with each other and the other aspects of my life, but sometimes (like right now) one will take over. *coughcraftystuffcough*

Today I am thankful for my education, in and out of school. Sometimes I wonder if I've learned more outside of school than in it. Especially with my job--for which I learned nothing, or practically nothing, applicable in school. Law and Molecular Biology don't usually go hand in hand. But even still, I feel like a lot of the skills I learned do translate and for that I am very grateful. :)

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