Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Listened to Christmas Music Today!

It was cold today (yay!) and it was dark by the time that we got out of church and so I felt the NEED to listen to Christmas music. It made me really happy. :)

So a couple of days ago, the little boy I used to babysit, Sean, came home from his mission. Yikes! I can't believe it! I feel so old. He was 7 when I started babysitting for his family. Anyway, his family had a little welcoming home party for him last night so my siblings and I went over to help celebrate. :) 
Kevin attempting to sit on what little lap Caitlin has left. 
Caitlin to Alyssa: "Can I touch you?"
I took a bunch of other pictures, but for some reason they aren't on my phone. I'm so sad! Oh well. 

We had a great time hanging out and being loud and funny. It was fun to see people from our family ward and get Sean caught up on news of the ward. He was so shocked to find out so many people were married and some even had kids already. It was quite funny. 

At one point in the night Alyssa and I thought we would play chess. Well, we'll never do that again. I'm not a great chess player--I have a hard time seeing the different moves. But I did think that I could play Alyssa and handle myself pretty good. I was surprised that we were evenly matched. Not that says anything about either one of us, but the game lasted a long time. About 2/3 of the way through, Nick, Steven, and Sean all took an interest in our game and kept being disgusted by the moves that we were making. Alyssa and I were just playing to have fun. They were mentally playing all smarty pants way. When I finally beat Alyssa (I only had 2 pieces left and Alyssa just had her king), the boys insisted to show us what we had done wrong so we could  "learn from our mistakes." :) It was so funny. :)

Then Steven played Kevin and Kevin did pretty good, considering that Steven is very, very good. He beats me in less than a minute. We had a great time hanging out and I am so proud of Sean and the man he has become. :)

Today I am grateful for the family ward that I grew up in, Loomis First! It is such a fabulous ward and I learned so much in my many years in that ward. I love that I have my roots there and whenever I visit, I feel like I'm coming home. As quirky as the ward can be, I love it and wouldn't trade anyone or anything that has happened in it. :)

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