Saturday, November 12, 2011

Caitlin's Baby Shower

Yay! Today was Caitlin's Baby Shower!!

Cait didn't want a super duper, fancy shmancy party. So I threw a simple party for her (well my version of simple, anyway. That was my job as future recipient of Bestest & Awesomest Aunt of the Year Award (for which I'm sure I'll tie with Erin) :). This worked out well because considering how my week has been, I didn't get a chance to actually start planning the party till Wednesday night.

Fortunately, awesome Michelle willingly let us borrow her house as the local for the party. She just moved into a new and gorgeous house, which was conveniently located for the party. Lucky for us was that she loves us enough to let us have the party there. This also ensured that she would actually attend the party. ;) Perfect!

Here is a picture of the invites I sent out:
The theme Cait decided to go with, after much deliberation, was butterflies. Very cute for a girl baby shower (and not as standard as, let's say, baby ducks), and butterflies have some significance in our family (maybe I'll share that story sometime).

While Cait and I were at the Scrapbook Expo in Sacramento a few weeks ago, we found these adorable butterflies that we decided to make into Christmas ornaments as the thank you favor. All we had to do for them was attach some ribbon and bam! they were done. And they were a great price.

And we displayed them on a little table-top Christmas tree.

Speaking of decorations, Michelle decided that she wanted a longer Christmas season, so we all decorated her house for Christmas for the shower (well at least the front room) ! Love it! And I made a little baby shower banner for the party.

Here is the food table.

For the "main treat" I made Impossible Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes. They were so delicious!

I made these cute picks for the cupcakes using stickers I found on clearance and yellow and purple circles cut with the cricut and then put them together using foam 3D stickers. Then I just stuck the toothpick in the piece of foam. Ta da!

Funny story. So I convinced Kevin to help me set up for the party and he was asking what happens at baby showers so he could see if he wanted to hang out with us. So I told him he could come and that we would be doing secret girl things. "Like what?" he asked. I told him that we would be talking about babies and holding up cute baby things and going "AWWWWW!" the whole time while waving our hands. Kevin looked at me and immediately turned around and marched up the stairs and hollared over his shoulder, "Have fun." It was pretty funny. Apparently it didn't appeal to him.

Here are some pictures of the party and Caitlin opening adorable little baby presents.

This is the blanket that Alyssa hand crocheted for the baby. Isn't it so cute! It was very well made. :)

Cait holding up the scrapbook I made for the baby's first year.
Cait with her precious preggo belly.  SO CUTE!

The party was really chill and laid back. And in my humble opinion, those are the funnest. And that means I don't have to stress about them. :)

Joy, Cait's mother in law, holding Cait's 3 week old niece, Sidnee. Such a cute little baby.

Another funny story: Michelle's dog Tucker had never seen a baby before and he was intrigued, but everytime the baby would cry, he would freak out and run away. It was really cute.

The girls that sat by Caitlin really wanted to feel the baby so they sat very patiently trying to feel her kick or move or something. It was so funny. I don't think they ever felt her. :)

Per Cait's request we did have one game, though only Michelle and Cindy were brave enough to try. They had to guess the baby food. Michelle won with 4/10 correct. They decided that they had to sniff them to get a better idea of what it was. I was across the room and could smell them and they were awful! Cindy even tried to get Kevin to sniff one, but he ran back upstairs. :)

All in all, I think everyone had a good time and Caitlin got some fun baby stuff. :) Yay for babies!!

Today I am thankful for babies. They always make me think that all is well in the world. They make me happy. And I'm thankful that I'm soon going to have a little one to spoil rotten. Yep, that's right, I'm going to be the cool aunt in my family. ;)

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  1. Yes you are gonna be the cool aunt, and probably win the bestest aunt award! :) I don't think I will even try to fight that one. AWWWW!!!! It looks like you all had such fun. Wish I could have been there! The blanket Lyss made is adorable! I didn't know she did I not know this?!?! ;) Good job and glad you had such a great time!!


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