Saturday, January 1, 2011

An Unexpected Adventure

Happy New Years! Today is the official start of my goal to make some kind of entry every day. (This past week was just practice.)

So last night was ummm, interesting, entertaining, and definitely not what I was expecting.

The original plan was to have an old roommate, Kelly, come over and hang out. We were going to make dinner and watch movies, or something like that. A low key New Year's Eve, and I was cool with that. Then she cancelled, some excuse about her sister being in the hospital so she needed to be there for her, blah blah blah. Gosh. :) j/k! I was totally okay with it.

Then Trulie texted me and told me she heard my plans fell through (via Facebook-of course) and so she invited me to a mid-singles (27-45) party/dance she and Amanda were going to in Davis. I had no excuse not to go--Trulie's reasoning was bulletproof. She said, "Maybe you'll find love." Well considering that I am *cough* older and un-married, I couldn't say no. ha ha ha.

(Just a side note, let the record state and be clear that I don't do dances. I enjoy dancing, but don't go to YSA dances. I get bored after about 30 minutes, and I'm not usually a fan of the music.)

We made it to Davis about 10:30p and found the church (another shout out to my has navigation. love!) The parking lot wasn't very full. Not a good omen. We walked in and discovered that this was a formal affair. We were in jeans and t-shirts. And there were about 40 people and just about 32 of them were women. No joke. This was definitely not my normal scene.  I didn't know if I could handle being there till midnight.

It looked like everyone there was having a good time and the music was good so we stuck around for a little while. We found a wall to support and enjoyed the view. It was entertaining. It sure felt that everyone was staring at us. People kept looking at us. It was hilarious. Maybe it was because they didn't recognize us, or because we were so comparatively young. (To be fair, it was kinda hard to tell how old people were because the lighting was low--but there were those that were definitely at the far end of the age range.) It could have also been the fact that we were grossly under dressed.

Then it happened. A guy had been eyeing Trulie in the 8 minutes we had been there. He came and introduced himself and chatted for a minute. A couple of minutes later he came and asked her to dance. Amanda and I went and looked for somewhere to put our jackets. We came back and they were finished dancing. Tru came back with a laughing grin on her face and told us that she learned that he had 6 kids--with two prior marriages!! He gave her his card and told her that he should look him up on Facebook. Turns out according to his card, he's a biomedical engineer with Kaiser. Um. Pretty sure that is NOT what Trulie (or Amanda or I) are looking for. We stayed for another couple of minutes and left.

We decided that the YSA dance might be cool. Again, the parking lot wasn't super full and there were people leaving when we got there (about11:20p). We were there less than 10 minutes. One interesting thing about the dance was that there was a bounce house--in the gym. Certainly wasn't expecting that. We saw some people from our ward and they were heading to a party in South Sac around 4th & 65th. Its kinda sketchy neighborhood so I wasn't too excited, but it was being thrown by LDS people so we thought we would give it a go.

We got to the 3rd Party about 11:45p. It was packed. After paying $3 to get in, we walked into the house and my breath was taken away--literally. There were so many people, it was really hot and smelled like sweat so much that I couldn't breath. There were quite a few people from our ward and it was fun to see so many people. We made our way outside and stayed there. We hung out and chatted waiting out the last 15 minutes.

The mark from the party saying we paid and could come and go.
Why the "y?" Exactly.
And then suddenly it was 12:00 midnight. It was a bit anti-climatic because there was no countdown. But it was fitting for our giant mis-adventure of an evening. Then this girl came up and tried to convince us to give her friend a little new years kiss on the cheek. She tried really hard and even offered to pay us to do. We said no and then told her to go ask someone else. And then laughed. Pretty sure she wasn't sober. There were a few other people that weren't sober. It was kinda sad and pretty entertaining.  We met a couple of guys and chatted. It actually was really fun. And made for a great story.

I've never spent my new years eve quite like that. It was certainly special. And I'm sure I'll never repeat it. Certainly a night to ummmm....remember.

I think Trulie summed up the night best on her Facebook post this morning: "If my New Year's Eve experiences are any indication of what 2011 holds, it should be a very interesting year full of surprises and plan changes. Can't wait to see. :)"

I'm going to second Tru's statement.

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