Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Educational Post

Alright, I think people get really annoyed at all the things I find fascinating, interesting, intriguing, (etc.) and get excited about and then ABSOLUTELY have to tell them about. For prime example, see my prior post about the size of Australia. Apparently people don't care about things like that as much as I do.

So I'm going to put it here, where people can choose to learn something cool that they may or may not have known. So if you're annoyed, its not my fault. Chances are, I'll still tell everyone anyway, but maybe it will help. What can I say, I love learning things!? :)

So back to my fascinating fact of the day.

I learned that there are a lot of countries that have weird/interesting national animals/icons. Here are a few of my favorites.

United States (You should already know this): Bald Eagle. And the American Bison.

Mexico: National Arthropod: Grasshopper. BEST EVER! (also: National Dog: Chihuahua, naturally)
Albania: Dragon (Along with the Lion & Eagle)

Antigua & Barbuda: Blue Whale
Botswana: Zebra!
[O] Canada: Beaver (A Canadian friend once tried to explain why. He made it sound so very regal. Maybe there is something else to this little wood chewer...)
Croatia: Dalmation (I wonder how they feel about 101 Dalmations?)
Cuba: Cuban Crocodile
Denmark: Mute Swan
France: Gallic Rooser (seriously.)
File:Coq Belle-Ile.jpg
Gambia: Hyena (really? I'm not sure I would want something that laughs when it is ruthlessly killing another animal...)
Guatamala: Quetzal (I think this bird is really beautiful.)
Kiribati: Magnificent Frigitbird
File:Fregata magnificens1.jpg
Kuwait: Camel (YES!)
File:Camels at Giza.JPG
Macedonia: Ohrid Trout (Lion, Lynx, and a dog that I can't even spell or pronounce)
Mauritius: Dodo
Nepal: Cow
Scotland (as part of the UK): Unicorn! So magical!
I was amazed at how many countries listed dragon as a national animal. And there were quite a few fishes as well.

I think if I had a country, I would pick the Blue Footed Booby. Why? Because I like it and people give funny looks when you say the name. ha ha ha ha. Try it.

The Blue Footed Booby is found around the Galapagos Islands--my #1 spot to visit someday.
I got this from the most trusted website in the world--Wikipedia. Feel free to look up their complete list. There are a lot I didn't include.

Facinating isn't it?

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