Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm So Funny!

Last week my co-worker, Melissa, and I thought it would be fun to get our supervising attorney, Mike, an "Office" mug a-la-Michael's "World's Best Boss" mug. Mike has said several times before that he loves the show and "feels a special kinship to Michael". His words, not mine. :) Since they are both Michael, I suppose it makes sense.

Well we were on the NBC website looking for the mug and we found the "Dundie Award". We thought Mike would love it. So we got both for him. We wanted to get him his own bobblehead, but those things are expensive! Like $90 expensive!!

When he gets back from his vacation next week--he's going to have a little surprise on his desk!

Best part of the Dundie? It came with different plaques you can put over the "Dundie Award" title! Ha ha ha! Mike will love it--and if he doesn't, we'll make him. :)

UPDATE: Mike LOVED them!! He laughed so hard!! He was definitely really excited. And he put them a place of honor--the top of his book case so everyone can see. Ha ha ha!

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