Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lesson Learned

Last night I learned a life lesson.

Always make sure that the flue on the fireplace is open when you light a fire.

'Nuff said.

Oh, that's not enough said? Well then here is the embarassing story.

It all began early yesterday when my boss tried to fax a one page document to another attorney's office. Well instead of pushing the fax button, he pushed the copy button, and then entered the fax number. So the copier tried to make 642 copies of the page. (you're already wondering what the heck this has to do with a fireplace, aren't you?)

Later I realized what had happened (and subsequently why the other attorney never got the fax). I gently pointed out to my boss what he had done. ("Hey! Did you know that instead of faxing that paper, you copied it?!" My boss: "Uhhh, that wasn't me!! **pause** I swear I pushed the fax button!!" Then we laughed.) I then asked if he wanted me to spend two hours in front of the shredder shredding it. He said that I should burn it.

So being the good employee I am, I took the TWO REAMS OF PAPER home to burn. I started crumpling up paper and lit it on fire. I kept throwing more crumpled paper to the fire. It was quite the blaze. And it was hot (which was quite convenient because I was cold). I did this for several minutes.

Then the fire alarm went off!! It scared the crap out of me! I couldn't figure out why. I thought my roommate, who was making dinner, burnt something. Well something was burning, but it wasn't her dinner. I turned around and there was so much smoke in the house!! I quickly tried to unplug the fire alarm (it was so loud that I think I might have some permanent hearing loss--I'm not kidding!). But I couldn't. My roommates and I opened up the doors turned on the fans and started trying to get it out. The alarm went on forever!! I'm sure there was smoke billowing out of the house. It probably looked awful!

The colored flame is from some colored tissue paper I threw in.
I couldn't figure out why there was so much smoke. Then Bekah asked if the flue was open. I responded, "Well of course it is! I've never closed it." Then I checked and, of course, it was closed. Don't know how that happened. And the alarm was still going off. As soon as it was open, the smoke went up the chimney and after about 20 more minutes, the house finally cleared out. And finally the alarm turned off. But it still smells like smoke.

Then Bekah had the line of the night. She said to me, "Well it looks like your plan to burn the paperwork backfired!" Oh Bekah. You and your puns, how I dearly love you both!

It was horribly embarrassing. I'm very sorry to my roommates. And whenever I burn something in the fireplace, I will always check to make sure the flue is open. Lesson Learned!

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