Monday, January 3, 2011

A Love Story

Once upon a time there was a girl--lets call her Mina--had a great love. This love would frequently get her into all sorts of troubles, much too often. Some might call her love an obsession, but Mina didn't think so. A wonderful and magical love couldn't become an obsession if it was something that was enlightning and uplifting. Right? Right!

This love took Mina to all sorts of wonderful places, magical even. From foreign countries to the backyard. Dreams and Genies to Dragonflies and Gorrillas. Enchanted lands to inter-city ghettos. Her love crossed all barriers to reach out to her as she reached out to it and it's endless possibilities.

Mina loved books.

But then one day, Mina had to move and pack up all her treasures-including her books. That is when she realized, that yes, indeedy, her great love had become a problem. She had 14 good sized boxes full of just books. So many books!

Mina realized she had a problem, an addiction maybe. So she knew she needed to get help. What did she do?

She bought a book. Then she decided that her great love affair with books was okay and healthy. So she bought more books. And loved them all.

The End.

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