Friday, January 14, 2011

An Educational Day

Today I learned some great facts about my grandparents.

Like the fact that my grandparents hung out with Maureen O'Hara while she was filming a movie. (They were taking a tour of the movie studio and the director thought Grandpa was in the movie. When he realized Grandpa wasn't--he invited them to hang around, have lunch with the cast, and watch!)

And just prior to that my Grandpa had a meeting with the Pope in the Sistine Chapel when he was in Rome while on leave. Yeah, you heard that right--the Pope. Not that this really means all that much to Mormons, but it is kinda cool considering that these days its practically impossible. Its actually a cool story. Grandpa told the Pope that he was Mormon. When he told Nana about it, she asked him what the ceiling looked like in the Sistine Chapel (apparently meeting the Pope didn't impress her). He said he didn't even look. Really. At least Grandpa had his priorities straight--meet the Pope. Check. Share the Gospel. Check. So awesome.

Read the full stories here:

Vern & Sybil, October 15, 1942--the day after their wedding.

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