Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flower Garden!

Since I am in a new place this year and have a bigger backyard, I'm planting a flower garden! Yea!! Having worms (and I mean lots of worms) in your garden is good, right? Because our soil is full of them!!

Here is what I'm planting in the backyard:

Here is where I planted them all:
You probably can't really see it, but there is a little green sprout in the dark circle of dirt. That is the shoot for the clematis.
I planted the Gladiolus & Dahlias in the beds.
And my favorites are in the front yard where everyone will see them--Calla Lilies!:

Here is where I planted them:

Hopefully they'll start growing soon! Maybe next month or March, more flower starters will be available and I can do more flowers. Like Morning Glories! I miss them already!

Here is what the morning glories looked like at the house in lincoln. They were so beautiful!

A small section of the back fence where the morning glories were.

I think one of the things I liked best about the Morning Glories is that I thought we had killed them and then suddenly there were vines and flowers everywhere. 1/3 of our fence was covered in them after only 3 months!
 And later in the year I'll probably do a produce garden again. Yippie! But probably without the pumpkins. And I'm going to label the rows better (that way I don't mix up cucumbers for watermelon again!) :)

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