Friday, December 31, 2010

Siblings...the Best Friends You are ALWAYS Stuck With

I thought I would do a little entry about each of my siblings, including the one that chose to be with us (I think he is crazy...). My mom always told us that friends come and go, but siblings are always there--so we might as well be best friends. As children, we weren't sure this was ever going to happen. But thanks to my mom's diligence, and maturity on our parts, its true! :) I always smile whenever I think of times I had with my siblings growing up. I love them!!

Here we are when we were little.
This is about 1994. We went on a little trip to Oakland Temple and took this picture in the Visitor's Center there.

Things I love about this picture:
- Erin's face--you'd think she'd be happy about  being with her siblings...obviously not.
- Steven's fanny pack. Classic. And the fact that it looks like he is holding a power tool. I'm pretty sure he's not, but that is what it looks like. :)
- Caitlin's outfit. So chic!
- The fact that I look like I have no hair. I actually had hair almost down to my knees. Really. It's just braided--as usual.

I want to say a little something about each of my siblings.

STEVEN: I love my brother. He is the only one I have, and I love him for it. He put up with a lot of things because he only had sisters. I admire him for his humility and intelligence. He pretty much is brilliant and has a lot to offer.
      Cute story: Steven prayed for years that he would have a little brother. When my mom announced we were going to have a little brother or sister--Steven (he was 5-ish) was ecstatic! Then at the doctor's appointment, the doctor asked him what gender he wanted his sibling to be. He said he had been praying for a little brother and was sure he was going to get one. Then the doctor asked what would happen if it is a girl. He responded, rather despondently, "We will name her Erin and we'll love her anyway." We got a little sister. :) And you know what? He loves her more than Caitlin or me. :)

CAITLIN: Cait is the spitfire in our family. For being so tiny, she has a lot of personality and fire. She is very creative and so smart and clever. I admire her immensely. She always takes my ideas and does them better and faster. I'm jealous--in a good way. And someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) her and Nick are going to make me an Aunt. For that, I love them tons! :)

NICK: Nick is such a great brother-in-law. He has been such a part of our family for so long that I can't hardly remember him not being around. He is a great husband for Caitlin. He is so patient, loving, and kind to my sister. I couldn't have asked for more. I think Caitlin is better because of him. I also really like how willing he is to serve those around him. Whenever I've asked for his help, he has always helped willingly and promptly. I have great respect for him.

ERIN: I'm pretty sure Erin is the genius in our family. She has such great ambitions in life and I have such high hopes for her. She is also the nice one in the family. I'm pretty sure I've never met someone that knows her that hasn't said, "I love Erin!" She is so kind & loving to everyone. While the rest of us are extremely sarcastic and obnoxious--Erin isn't. I don't know how that happened, but she is a great example to me and I hope that I become like her.

Here is a more recent picture of us. It's one of my favorites. Its from our family vacation to Disneyland in 2008. YAY!

I love when we all get together. We always end up laughing till someone has an asthma attack--usually Steven! :) Maybe that isn't a good thing, but that is when we know we are having a fabulous time.

Our family motto: "The family that laughs together, stays together." If that is true, then pretty sure we're going to be together FOR-EV-VER!

***Ok, my mom made the following corrections to this post. Because she is THE mom, I do what I am told :) :

1. The picture of the kids with the statue of Christ is actually in SLC, not Oakland.  (Remember that on the Oakland trip we had Ashley, not Erin with us.) 
2.  When Steven "announced" about Erin, it was at the ultrasound when we actually found out it was a girl (about 10 days before she was born), and not with the doctor.  The tech was asking me if I wanted to know, and he just happened to be with me at the appointment.  When she said that it was a girl, he was absolutely crushed for about 2 seconds, and then he steeled himself (physically, really, it was visible!), and made his "announcement", "Her name will be Erin, and I will love her anyway."  (A much more personal announcement, rather than a family slogan!)***


  1. I am not sarcastic??? Since when? ;) Love you!!!

  2. Well you are, but not like the rest of us. You are much nicer. :) loves!


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