Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 & My Grandpa's Autobiography

Today is 1/11/11. In case you didn't know. Ha Ha! And my post time is 11:11am. Double Ha Ha (would that be a quadruple ha?) !


So I had the best idea today. I've been working on my Grandpa's Autobiography for the last couple of years--yes, you read that right, YEARS. And I feel selfish because no one has been able to read it. It is so wonderful and entertaining. I feel like everyone should have it. But, alas, I am slow.

The thing that makes it hard is that it is really long. Which is a great thing--until you are the one that is typing it up. My Nana started typing it originally (Grandpa wrote it out long hand), but got frustrated (her words were something along the line of--"he wrote it wrong...that's not how it happened...etc.") and stopped. She typed it on a typewriter on small print on large paper, with almost no margins. So while I've typed 50 normal pages, I've made it to page 35 of her pages. It is slow going.

So because people keep asking about it, and I want people to be able to read it, I've come up with a solution. I think its brilliant--maybe even inspired . :)

I created a blog for my Grandpa! So now he is definitely the coolest Grandpa EVER--he has his own blog! 6 years after he died! How cool is that?!?! ha ha ha ha. Ok, here is the address:


And I just double checked the link and it works! Whoo hoo!

Now I'm still working on it, and I probably will for a long time, but here is what I have so far.

If anyone has suggestions, feel free to share!

Vern Elrick Bryson's ROTC Picture 1941(?)

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