Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stake Conference Part Deux

Yeah for Stake Conference (again)! And super yeah for getting done with Church before noon!

So they split our stake today. Its a tad bittersweet. Its exciting because it only took 18 years for the stake to need to split and that the Church is strong here. Its a tad sad because now Loomis and Lincoln (including Cait & Nick) are in the new Lincoln, CA Stake. But Rocklin did get both Granite Bay wards. So now there are 8 wards in each. Roseville (who lost the Granite Bay wards) now have 9 wards.

It was funny because they were broadcasting from the Lincoln building and just when it was being announced who the Lincoln Stake President was, the sound cut out so we missed all of the presidency. Everyone gasped and laughed. Fortunately, President Deaver was in our building and so was able to announce and have President Perez sustained. I'm kinda jealous I'm not in that stake.

I'm sure this is a much more managable amount--as opposed to the 14 we had before. We were the largest stake in CA and the 2nd largest on the west coast! I imagine that it was difficult for the leaders. I think this will be good. And it will give more people a chance to serve and lead. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Lincoln doesn't have a stake center. I'm sure they will build one. The best news is, though, is that our ward is going to still cover both stakes and Granite Bay. Yeah!!

The rest of the meeting was a broadcast from Salt Lake to 67 stakes in Northern CA. I didn't even know there were that many!! It was awesome. President Eyring presided and Elder Packer was also there. The first speaker was Elder Rasband of the 70. The way he was talking about building temples, it sure sounded like they were going to announce a new temple in Northern CA. Bekah and I were postulating where it would be. My guess: Chico. But they didn't.

I think President Eyring's talk was my favorite. It was all about sustaining and following the Prophet. If we look to them with an eye of Faith, we will have the Spirit and gain testimony that they are the mouthpiece of the Lord. When we follow the Prophet's counsel and commandments, we will be safe and have peace. I know it is true and am so very grateful for it my life.

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