Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pure Exhaustion

Yesterday was probably one of the most exhausting days at work I've had in a VERY long time. True story. And I learned a lesson: When you feel prompted to put your hair in a ponytail in the morning when your getting ready for work--it's probably for a good reason.

Yesterday when I was getting ready for work, I actually had a few extra minutes. I was in a good mood (shocking!) and happy. I took the time to straighten my hair so it wasn't so frizzy and made it look pretty. The plan was to wear it down. As I was about to walk out the door, I thought I should put it up into a high ponytail. I hardly ever do that for work because, for me at least, it's too casual. But I went with it and did it.

It was a good thing too. When my co-worker showed up in the morning, she told me that my boss's brother died unexpectedly the day before (my boss got the call in the 10 minutes I left early to take the mail) and so he wasn't going to be in the office.

Panic mode set it. There was a hearing yesterday afternoon that he needed to make an appearance at. There was also a hearing set for this morning. Client appointments need to be rescheduled and his calendar cleared for this week. AGH! Good thing I wore my hair in a ponytail so it was out of the way and I didn't have to deal with it all day.

I started making phone calls to defense attorney and the judge's offices. Everyone was pretty understanding and easy to work with so that worked out nicely. But there was a lot of work to do to get the hearings dealt with.

Then I kept getting calls from clients throughout the mess. One client in particular called repeatedly--and without getting to into it (it's really complicated), he re-injured his back and needed to get into a doctor asap. But his doctor wasn't available and wouldn't treat his back, so then I spent the afternoon scrambling trying to find a doctor and get the records to them and get a GIGANTIC file copied and sent to a new attorney for the hearing for this morning. Seriously I copied/scanned in almost 3,000 pages yesterday.

Oh, and then I checked the calendar and realized that we had a statute due tomorrow that hadn't been dealt with yet. And only my boss could do the write up. So I stayed late and prepped as much as possible for him and emailed him all the paperwork he needed.

Oy. I slept really well last night. Until I had a dream this morning about some weird variation of Harry Potter. Anyway...so I learned to sometimes wear my hair in a ponytail. :)

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