Friday, May 13, 2011

Party Time

Tonight was my friend Summer's Bachelorette Party! She is getting married in just under two weeks and so we wanted to celebrate!

Her bridesmaids had us play "Bigger & Better." The point is that you start with something small and pretty much worthless, in this case we started with a quarter, and you are supposed to trade your thing with someone else (usually a complete stranger) for something bigger and better.

Bekah and I teamed up and decided that we didn't really want to play, so we cheated. We drove home and took pictures around our house of stuff we had lying around.

We got a half-used tealight candle.

Then a Happy Birthday streamer.

Then Clorox Wipes

Then a tiny BBQ.

"Someone" "gave" us a new chair.

Then we tried to convince Tyson to let us have his motorcycle. He said no.

So we ended up with a giant rose from our rosebushes.

Summer loved the rose and everyone thought it was fake. It wasn't. I was quite proud of it.

Best part was that we didn't tell anyone that we cheated. But in the end we lost. Probably a good thing too. :) Bekah and I still had a blast finding all the stuff. :)

After the game, we met at Macaroni Grill for a late dinner and laughs. Pretty sure everyone in the restaurant probably thought we were all drunk. We weren't. And that is why it was so fun. :)

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