Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hail? Yeah! & Omelet Party!

Today was an adventure. At least weather wise. It was really strange. We actually had a thunderstorm. Those are very rare in the Sacramento Valley. It rained really hard and then it hailed! Okay, coming from a background of living in Dallas for many years, and spending summers there growing up--I know what real hail is. I've seen soft-ball size hail. Really. And what we got was certainly nothing compared to that. But still, by NorCal standards, it was significant enough to look like it had snowed.

My favorite Rosebush got quite a beating from the rain and hail today. :(

Fortunately we survived. :)

After Church we invited a few friends over for an "Omelet & Scone Party" where we had a bunch of filings and made omelets and scones. Soooo delicious! Afterwards we watched Kung Fu Panda. "I'm not dead you idiot!" We had tons of fun and I think we should do it again.

The guys squished on to the little couch and watched the movie like that the entire time. It was hilarious. They were all cuddled up with each other. So precious.

 Christiana, Rob, Tyson, and Peter.

Briana, Marie, and Rochelle.

We had a fun time and definitely enjoyed the food! Hopefully we can do more stuff like this soon--before Bekah leaves. :)

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