Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend Recap: Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures from my weekend in Monterey with Monica.

 Monica and Kiona made this cute little cupcake for me for my birthday.  Below is a hair flower that Kiona embroidered on her fancy embroidery machine. So adorable!

 Baizen and Sierra watching a movie.

Sierra, Becca, and Hailey playing Sunday morning.

Baizen and Sierra's eye. We were having sword fights with my finger and a play dinner knife that Baizen takes EVERYWHERE. So adorable.

 Pretty roses at the Mission we visited.

Conveniently on the way home, I passed the cemetery where my grandpa is buried. So I stopped and hung out there for awhile. The wind was horrible though. Bad enough that my dress completely flew up and I was awkwardly exposed! I put on pants right then and there--in the parking lot. Fortunately no one else was there. :)

This is the view West standing right next to my grandpa's plot. It was really pretty, despite the wind that was gusting 60-70mph (seriously!).

So that was my freakin' awesome trip. I absolutely loved every minute! And I already want to go back!

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