Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fabulous Finds

My roommates, Bekah, Christiana, and I went to Home Goods to help Bekah find a painting or two for her new place in Virginia. She's moving in a month and wants to get stuff here because there is very little available there.

So we had an adventure. I don't know what it is, but we always find the weirdest things when we all go shopping. And Home Goods certainly did not disappoint. :)

 Christiana in a weird, but pretty, mask we found down one of the aisles.

Yes. This is for real. These really were in the store. And they were on clearance for $199.99 each. I don't know why. I mean, who wouldn't want these guys in their house. Staring at them. All the time. Seriously. And I love the Giraffe's ears.

 A shot from the back. Definitely bizzaro...

Bekah wanted to ride the Lion around. I think I'll name him George.

After we had our fill of Home Goods, Bekah and I went to Sprouts. This is a fabulous natural foods store that recently opened and has TONS of Gluten Free food there. AND really tasty and cheap produce! Like I got a cantalope for 50 cents. And it was delicious. And I got a gluten-free pizza that tasted like it had gluten in it. So yummy! And it didn't make me sick. WINNER!

So here are some interesting finds from there:

I had no idea you could find game in a regular grocery store. SO awesome. I think sometime when I'm feeling brave, I'll try some of the varities out.

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